outlook_m78c_bannerMarchioro USA, Inc. is an Italian manufacturer of Garden and Pet products. The company is a family-owned private company. The garden side of Marchioro’s portfolio consists of injection-molded and rotation-molded pottery. Marchioro is also known for its tomato/vegetable growing systems. All of Marchioro’s products are manufactured in Italy at their 5 company-owned production facilities.

Marchioro is committed to bringing the industry what the garden customers are asking for!
outlook_m78c_bodyListening to the garden community and responding to the demands are important for any successful business. One of the current, fast-growing trends is the introduction of pastel and bright colors into the families of successful pottery lines. In the past, color preference has been associated with geographic and demographic locations. Certain areas of the U.S.A. and Canada would only do well with traditional terra cotta, green, and off-white tones, while other parts of the same area would be very successful with bright vibrant customers. What Marchioro is hearing and seeing is that the U.S.A. is rapidly turning into a huge melting pot of preferences from coast to coast. This is why Marchioro has expanded its color selections by up to 400% on some of its tried and true performing products. By introducing bright trendy colors, light pastels, and even dark black and slate colors across both injection-molded and rotation-molded products, Marchioro is proving to be the source for color and style for today’s garden center.
Another area of growth Marchoiro is seeing is in backyard and patio garden products. Every year, more and more people are starting to grow some of their own fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s one tomato plant on the back porch or a container system in back yard, more people are enjoying gardening. Marchioro has responded to this by creating new, high-end raised container gardening systems, large economical injection-molded systems, and modified small single pot systems. Marchioro has created new products with self-watering features as well as maintained the lines of traditional watering pottery. Marchioro has even incorporated the new color pallet choices into the container growing lines to answer the demand for selection.

Whether you are looking for new trendy colors, container gardening solutions, or traditional indoor/outdoor plastic pottery, Marchioro has what you need. Marchioro stands firm on offering high-quality products at marketable price points.

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