outlook_g58_headerUsing a hose for daily irrigation seems simple, but without the proper watering set up, your efforts could be futile.

Below tips from the watering experts at Gilmour can increase efficiency and bring you one step closer to creating a yard with envious curb appeal. Give your greens a thorough soaking once in a while to produce extended and robust roots.
1. Use Gilmour EZ Hose to water in the morning, when the air is cool and moist. The warmth of the sun and the rising temperature gently dry the grass and the leaves on the plants. Since morning air is damp, you don’t waste water through evaporation. Additionally, EZ Hose is ideal for watering in hard to reach places, such as between shrubs or overhead flower baskets. It is 40% lighter than traditional garden hoses, which helps to avoid hand fatigue.
2. Follow a regular watering schedule to discourage bugs by providing them with an inhospitable environment. Insects, with the possible exception of the water bug, aren’t terribly fond of water. The Gilmour EZ Hose works with sprinklers, water timers, nozzles or alone to fill your watering can. This hose won’t recoil when water pressure drops.
3. To be certain your lawn is hydrated adequately when it has failed to rain, the standard rule of thumb is to sprinkle one inch of water per week. Using EZ Hose makes this task easy. While most lightweight hoses deliver 4 – 6 gallons of water per minute, the Gilmour EZ Hose provides 12 – 14 gallons.
About Gilmour EZ Hose
Gilmour EZ Hose offers a reliable solution to consumers’ demand for a lightweight garden hose that is convenient, durable, and versatile. EZ hose is 40% lighter than an average garden hose, making watering and cleaning tasks a breeze. It is constructed from a durable UV-resistant PVC liner, which allows consumers to use the hose during hot summer days. The outer cover is a heavy-duty fabric that resists daily scuffs. EZ hose works with or without a watering tool attachment.
Let the Gilmour EZ Hose drive sales for your retail location. In 2013 the lightweight hose business was estimated to be worth $300M. Don’t let other retailers enjoy all the profits. Get in the game and win with Gilmour EZ hose.
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