SevinMarchioro Spa is a family company located in Castelnovo, Italy. The company has over 50 years of history as it was founded in 1957 by Gerardo Marchioro, the father of the current president of the company, Domenico Marchioro. The company operates two additional distribution locations; Marchioro France, near Paris, and Marchioro USA Inc, in New Jersey. Marchioro USA is moving its facility from New Jersey to McDonough, GA, on August 1, 2013. The new facility has 50,000 sq. feet and has 13 shipping doors.

The company started as a producer of injection molded products in plastic materials for various purposes; in the food industry with teaspoons for ice-cream, in the medical sector with syringe covers, mechanical precision, building, furnishing, household objects, ornithology, gardening, etc. At this time, injection molding was considered a pioneering activity. The company quickly became one of the few companies able to provide its customers with a complete service, from the idea to the finished product with innovative and often unique solutions. During those years, the company achieved success and received recognition for its ideas and innovations.

Over the years, the production continued to become more specialized: there were two principal areas of the company’s activity; small animal and garden. Processes of metalworking and rotational molding were added to the factories. Within the two fields in which the company currently operates, the company has become one of the key players on an international level.

Company Philosophy

  • Maximum care and attention to the product and its needs in the market and the client.
  • Innovation and quality for the best possible price.
  • Particular attention to the human relations, working as a team, enthusiasm, collaboration, and taking the business seriously.

The company exports more than 80% of the products to over 63 countries all over the world. The product range consists of over 4,000 items which are all developed and produced internally. This enables the company to offer exclusive and innovative products to their various clients with their corresponding requirements; from the product concept to its delivery to retail with particular care to presentation and communication. The raw materials used are all of top quality and the products are guaranteed for at least 12 months. The product range varies from a full line for both the pet industry as well as the garden industry, all of which are presented in two different catalogs.

The garden line is comprised of different products for garden and hobby use, such as pots and flower boxes of all shapes, colors and dimensions produced either with the injection or rotational system with capacities of up to one thousand liters.

New Products
Marchioro has several new products in their spring selection. The Kalla and Kepler line of pots have a slick European style and come in bright trend colors. The Eiger line has the look and THE FEEL of real stone. They are made with built-in fill spouts and have self-watering features. Sally is a new movable, rotation molded garden patio with a water reserve. An optional stand and wire system makes this the complete unit.

Marchioro uses only high-quality, low-density polyethylene. Marchioro plastics contain UV inhibitors that allow for 8000 hours of exposure (Middle Europe) according to ASTM G 26. The products are also resistant to a large temperature range.

Marchioro offers a 36 month consumer replacement warranty on all garden pottery and accessories. The warranty covers any and all defective issues pertaining to discoloration of product or breakage of product. Warranty is on valid for all normal use situations and proper drilling is required for breakage warranty to be in place. Customer must maintain original sales receipt as proof and date of purchase.