outlook_g85_header.jpgGreat Lakes Forest Products, Inc. announces the launch of a wood cedar product line that greatly enhances the beauty and experience of outdoor gardening.

Since 1989, Great Lakes Forest Products has been producing value added wood products for various markets throughout the United States. They are a family owned business that takes much pride in building high quality wood products for their customers. Recently, the employees of Great Lakes decided to merge their passion for gardening with their love for wood. The result is a host of cedar garden products that will lend beauty and functionality to any outdoor or indoor setting. The new line is called Great Lakes Outdoor Living.
All products are built from red cedar. Red cedar is the most beautiful and most resilient species of wood that works well for outside applications. Its warm honey brown color, decay resistance and ability to adjust to humidity and temperature fluctuations make it the logical choice of wood to use. In fact, many wood-sided homes throughout the United States are made of cedar.
Whether it is trellises, arbors, pots or container gardens, Great Lakes Forest Products produces the right product for any space. Both urban and rural consumers continue to spend increasing amounts of money to enhance their indoor and outdoor settings. Wood remains a vastly untapped reservoir of potential. Bring this alternative product to your store and success will follow!
Great Lakes’ conviction to partner with retail stores that share their passion is strong. They believe exposure of their products is the key to success. Please contact your local Arett representative to hear details about their new incentivized drop ship program.
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