Let’s keep each other safe!

We are really looking forward to WELCOMING YOU BACK to the LIVE OPEN HOUSE and can’t wait to see you!

hand sanitizer, mask, and gloves are a blue background with #staystafe

We want you to know that we have taken many measures to ensure the safety of all customers and exhibitors at the Show, and will respect everyone’s personal decisions, but please know that we will follow all the New Jersey covid regulations in place at the time of the Show.

Our health initiatives include the following….

  • Holding all events on the trade show floor so that people have to travel as little as possible.
  • Our selection of the venue: The Convention Center was both a testing center and vaccination center in 2020 and 2021 – and took all the precautions to ensure a safe environment so we are very comfortable with their ability to keep our group safe.
  • Our booths have been spaced a bit farther apart to allow for more room between attendees.
  • Food service during the Show – our menu selections ensure “hands-free” service as much as possible.
  • Hand sanitizer on all tables and booths and in all Show Bags
  • Masks will be available to anyone who wants one.

To view the most up to guidance on current health & safety regulations, check out the AC convention center website.

If you test positive for Covid or are exhibiting any Covid symptoms at the time of the Show, we prefer that you not attend and take advantage of our VIRTUAL SHOW – which is available to everyone. Thank you, in advance, for being considerate of your fellow man and woman.