This year at the LIVE Open House, our ordering system is going digital – just like it’s been for the past 2 years at the Virtual Show.

At the LIVE SHOW there are a variety of ways to place orders:

  1. Bring your own laptop and place the orders as you walk around the Show! (if you have a scanner, bring that along too)
  2. All our Exhibitors will be able to write your orders digitally on the computers in their booths.
  3. If all else fails, we will have printed program copies in the booths to use. However these are ARETT copies only – you will receive a summary of these orders after we return to the office and log them into our system.

Going Digital

  • gets your Orders into our system faster!
  • allows you to check your PY orders easily as you place current orders!
  • allows for fast BULK UPLOADS in the exhibitors booths
  • eliminates the back pain caused by carrying around two-heavy paper books, all you need is your laptop to access thousands of items right at your fingertips!

How it Works

Placing an order is simple:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to “Shop>Open House – All Programs”
  3. Select the program you want and start shopping! You can filter by Specials, deal code, category, and even item or UPC number.


We’ve Planned for everything! Below are some FAQs.


What happens if my laptop dies?

There are AC outlets in the back of every booth, and we will have 5 large charging stations conveniently located throughout the show floor, so that you can refresh and recharge before getting back out there and ordering.

I don’t own a laptop – how can I place orders?

Exhibitors will be able to place orders for you via your Arett account – work their program together and place orders at the booth! We will also have a limited number of laptops available for use at the show.

What if I can’t access

We have upgraded our servers in anticipation of show traffic to the website. This upgrade has performed well under stress-testing, and we are confident that the website can handle this increase in traffic. We do have backups in place in case an issue does arise, remember to load the excel-version of the programs onto your laptop before leaving home! And again, we have backup paper forms at booths.

What if I can’t connect to the wifi?

We have access to high-speed, high-capacity wifi at the Atlantic City Convention Center. There will also be a roaming GEEK SQUAD on the show floor to help with all of your tech needs! We can troubleshoot wifi, ordering, password resets, and other computer issues you may be running into.

What if I don’t know my Arett login info?

No worries! Your customer ID number will be on your show badge, and if you need to reset your password, you can easily do so on the login page of our GEEK SQUAD will also be happy to assist you.

What if the power goes out during the show?

This probably won’t happen, because it already happened once years ago when the generator blew up – but just in case, there are BACKUP paper order forms at booths for you to place orders.

The first time for new systems are always daunting but that’s why we have multiple solutions for a variety of hopefully non-existent issues. We have structured our Show so your time here is enjoyable and productive. We want you to continue to make Arett your distributor of choice!