New Upscale Design with a clean, contemporary look where the KEY SELLING FEATURES and sizes are prominent. Eye-catching lifestyle images reinforce the product applications.

Great New Display Boxes – more colorful, lighter with better easy-to-read designs!

  • Unique 3 ft. and 4 ft. boxes for easy display and quick sell!
  • Complementary color scheme between the display box and the fabric rolls.
  • Icon images provide quick visual referencing

HC Companies

image comparign features of prima classic and classic planter styles

All NEW “Prima Classic” Series will replace the “Classic Series” from HC Companies 

Introducing the NEW Prima Classic to replace the Classic Series, which is being discontinued as the molds have worn out. 

  • The new molds have faster cycle times, which means you get your product faster! 
  • The new molds provide cleaner finishes and edges! 
  • “True-to-size” accurate sizing ensures your customers get what they pay for. 
  • Tremendous color and size selection! 

Ask your Arett salesperson for the one-to-one comparison chart to assist in placing orders for this season 

Also take a QUICK PEEK at a few of the other terrific NEW PRODUCTS from HC Companies – great styles and colors for use inside and outside! 

Southern Patio

SOUTHERN PATIO  is part of The Ames Companies of brands.  

Southern Patios NEW PLANTERS come in a variety of fabrications, great colors, shapes, and sizes. 

New FLEXSPACE for Your Outdoor Vegetable Gardens from Southern Patio 

Fits beautifully in a space of your choosing! 

NEW Suet Manufacturer! Wildlife Sciences

Wildlife Sciences is a manufacturer of wild bird suet products located in Minnesota.  

“We supply suet cakes and related products to distributors and retailers across the US and Canada. We produce Suet Balls, Suet Plugs, Seed Bars, Seed Towers and Suet Plus cakes in a unique candy bar wrapper style. We also carry a variety of feeders and dried mealworms.​ “

-Wildlife Sciences

Make sure you stop by the Booth at the Arett Open House and let us show you what we have to offer! Program #W60S1. Earliest ship date is 8/25/22


Radians has aggressively expanded their line of hand protection to provide gloves that keep workers’ hands protected from common workplace hazards. Turn to Radians for performance gloves that protect your hands while enhancing comfort and dexterity. Radians glove line offers a variety of shell materials and coatings for various job applications. Created 3 programs​: Program #: A63S1 Open Stock Gloves; A63S2 Glove Displays; A63S4 Eye Protection and Rain Wear​ 

The Great Radians Brands include : Bellingham, Wondergrip; Gard Ware;  EcoMaster Gloves 

True Organic

True Organic is the first and only fertilizer manufacturer ISO 22000 Food Safety Certified​. It has undergone rigorous third-party testing by Bureau Veritas​. Our certification is how we demonstrate competency in providing a pathogen-free product

  • Modern look and feel​ 
  • At least 20% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging​ 
  • Easy to understand visuals​ 
  • QR code to assist your associates and customers with their learning​ 
  • Proudly communicates that we are a family run, made in America brand​ 
  • Food Safety Certified​ 

Nature’s Way

Manufactures a complete selection of top-quality bird products including cedar, bamboo, tube and nectar feeders as well as a variety of bird, bat and insect houses and birding accessories. Bringing wildlife back to your yard in a sustainable, enriching and enjoyable way – just like nature intended!​ ​