Why Feature Lyric Wild Bird Food?

As an Independent Garden Center, it’s important to pay attention to upcoming trends to help grow your business and be prepared to take advantage of changing consumer demands with products that meet the need. Many are already familiar with the impressive stat, that backyard bird watching is the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States – second only to gardening. Because bird watching is an all-year, all-region activity this category has potential to pay big dividends and assortment can be a significant key to success.

In a recent study conducted by the Wild Bird Feeding Industry, research revealed that the average US household spends nearly $80 annually on wild birds’ feed – broken down into spending for the following: economy seed mix; premium seed mix; straight seed; suet and other pressed seed cakes; and “other”. With over 40 million households participating – that puts the US Retail market size, at well over $3 billion. With premium seed mix accounting for nearly 20% of market share, you’ll want to ensure your overall bird food offering is well diversified to meet the needs of all potential customers. Lyric Wild Bird Food, for years – has offered an exceptional lineup within the premium seed mix segment. Backyard birders love all varieties of this premium wild bird food line for its fine natural ingredients and hand-crafted mixes that attract more birds all year long.

Lyric Wild Bird Foods will now stay fresh longer too, with the integration of their new Stay Fresh Technology. Oxygen absorber packets are included in bags 15 lbs and smaller. Reduced oxygen content keeps the food fresher longer. The StayFresh packets coupled with Lyric’s pest-resistant, impermeable bags ensure our natural ingredients are at their nutritional and bird-pleasing best at all times.

Consumer testimonials validate that switching from lower-priced, lower-quality bird feed to Lyric products, typically nets increased wild bird activity at the feeders.

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation, the manufacturer of the Lyric Premium Wild Bird Food brand, has plants and distribution centers strategically located to ship to major wild bird food markets in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic very cost effectively. Lyric also responds quickly to changing market conditions to remain very competitively priced, for a premium quality product. Lyric Wild Bird food consistently receives rave reviews from customers that appreciate the bird varieties attracted by the gourmet blends.

Don’t miss out on this growing trend and important premium wild bird food opportunity with Lyric. If it’s not part of your current offering there has never been a better time to add it. You will sell more bird food, while your customers will feed more birds. Nothing keeps them coming back for more than the simple delight experienced by a mix that attracts more birds. In a recent customer testimonial about the Lyric Fruit and Nut High Energy Wild Bird Mix – a birdwatcher writes: This has to be the cleanest bird food I have yet come across. As compared to less expensive bird food mixes there is no dusty, debris riddled filler such as millet in this blend. No shells, no chaff, no twigs, no stones.”

Lyric – the Finest Nutrients. See the Difference.

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5 Reasons Why Safer Brand’s New Look Will Help Your Bank Account

Have you seen Safer® Brand lately? The organic gardening spray manufacturer changed its look, adopting a sharp green bottle color scheme and modern design to make its products pop on your shelves.

“We performed a survey that told us that our organic gardening customers react positively to a vibrant green color in their purchasing, so that became the new Safer® Brand color,” explained Safer® Brand’s Andrea Itnyre. “From there, we focused on attractive graphics that really demonstrate the value of Safer® Brand’s organic offerings.”

Safer® Brand’s new design will benefit retailers, too, because its OMRI Listed® products are in high demand among consumers. That demand, of course, will turn into sales. Here are five ways that Safer® Brand’s new look is aimed at helping your bottom line:

  • Safer® Brand’s New Labels Highlight Target Insects – If your consumers have a bug problem, Safer® Brand’s illustrated labels immediately indicate that their solution is in hand!
  • Safer® Brand’s New Design Attracts Consumers – Organic gardeners know to look for a few key icons on their pest control and fertilizer products. Safer® Brand prominently displays its OMRI Labeled® and NOP For Organic Gardening logos.
  • Safer® Brand’s New Bottles Stand Out – In a sea of white and blue bottles, Safer® Brand’s vibrant green bottles are instant eye-catchers!
  • Safer® Brand’s New Sprayer Head Improves Performance – When Safer® Brand committed to a new look, they studied everything about their packaging. As a result, the Safer® Brand team chose a new, sturdier sprayer head to deliver their products more effectively with a fine mist pattern.
  • Safer® Brand Still Delivers Results – The best part of Safer® Brand’s products? They continue to deliver their same amazing results! Using a variety of OMRI Listed® materials, consumers can continue to rely on Safer® Brand for use in their organic gardens!

When you add all these great features up, you can count on Safer® Brand to deliver the sales results you need to serve your organic gardening customers.

Looking for more information on Safer® Brand? Contact your Arett sales representative.

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Merchant’s Picks for December

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for December 2016.

Merchant Picks - December

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
N28 BV6CS6Surreal Planters Vertical Birch PlanterGreat to use for Christmas greens and poinsettias.
N28 BH11CS6Surreal Planters Horizontal Birch PlanterGreat to use for Christmas greens and poinsettias.
B70 730Bonide KleenUp Weed and Grass KillerPrevents growth up to a year. Get ready for spring.
F42 591044FoxFarm Strawberry Fields Potting SoilRight mix for larger blooms, fruits, and berries.
P48 1351Pine Tree farms Decorative Holiday Birdie Seed WreathGreat house warming gift and good for the birds.
D50 YCPT360MB Droll Yankees Yankee TipperBirds are eating. The best feeder to keep squirrels away.
W12 36420 Wild Delight Woodpecker Bird FoodTime to get the seed out for the birds.
S70 101660Miracle-Gro For Christmas Trees
Reduces needle drop when used as directed.
R80 26PBSW Rugg Mfg. Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Back Saver Steel HandleHelps make shoveling snow easier on the back.
M68 913 Shear Magic King Arctic Trident Snow MoverLarge load capacity snow shovel.
A39 SNOBRUM Angel Guard Sno Brum with Aluminum Telescopic HandleEasily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood, and trunk of any vehicle without scratching the paint.
K20 8001 K&H Thermo-Pond Floating Pond HeaterWinter is coming - pond water will freeze.

Bayer Advanced®: Get More From The Blue Bottle

With Bayer Advanced®, you really do get more from the blue bottle. More science, more innovation, and more support – exactly what you need to grow your business.

Leading the way is Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control For Lawns1. This unique solution kills existing lawn weeds and prevents listed weeds from emerging for up to 6 months2. Their proprietary 2-in-1 formula features both a post-emergent AND a pre-emergent in one bottle. Just one application offers your lawn up to 6 months of protection2.

If you’re looking to expand your share of the growing naturals market, NATRIA® has a complete collection of naturally-derived products you’ll want on your shelves. Inspired by nature and enhanced with science, NATRIA is the choice for consumers who want non-synthetic* solutions to manage pests, weeds, and diseases. Many NATRIA products are certified “For Organic Gardening,” and the entire line is both easy to apply and proven to deliver fast, effective results.

Customers just like yours asked for an innovation just like this, and Bayer Advanced® delivered in a big way. Their award-winning Ergo-Grip Sprayers are designed to deliver a better spraying experience with more comfort, more accuracy and easy storage. Unique features include the grip-controlled spray trigger, extended-reach folding wand and adjustable nozzle wings. Plus Ergo-Grip Sprayers offer continuous battery-powered spray and a few are refillable3. You’ll find Ergo-Grip Sprayers on the following products; Bayer Advanced DuraZone® Weed & Grass Killer, All-In-One Lawn Weed & Crabgrass Killer4, Brush Killer Plus, Home Pest Control Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer5 and Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus. Learn more at BayerAdvanced.com/Ergo-Grip-Sprayer.

Bayer Advanced has also enhanced their online support for both you and your customers. Log on to the Bayer Advanced Extranet. It’s your source for anything and everything from product specs, labels and SDS sheets to the 2017 Product Catalog. There’s also a POP ordering center that includes free educational materials, money-saving rebates and more. You can take advantage of the Bayer Advanced Learning Center, an online training tool you can use to help educate your staff. There’s even a live chat feature, so you can get questions answered right away by a Bayer Advanced expert. If you don’t have an account, log on to Extranet.BayerAdvanced.com to register.

They have also added a Consumer Live Chat on BayerAdvanced.com. This clickable feature gives consumers real time responses from Bayer Advanced experts. It’s added value expertise your consumers will appreciate.

Be sure to order Bayer Advanced products now through December and take advantage of the Arett Savings Program.

Bayer Advanced. Get more from the blue bottle.


1-Not for sale in NY. 2-Does not provide pre-emergent or post-emergent control of Crabgrass. See product label for kill/prevent weed list. 3-See label instructions for refilling DuraZone Grass & Weed Killer, Bursh Killer Plus an All-In-One Lawn Weed & Crabgrass Killer. 4-Not for sale in HI and PR. In TX, cannot sell Ready-To-Use formula in containers larger than one gallon. 5-Registered for sale in CA.


©2016 SBM Life Science Corporation. 1001 Winstead Drive, Suite 500, Cary, NC 27513. Bayer®, the Bayer® Cross and Bayer Advanced® are registered trademarks of Bayer.

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Pearl Valley Farms: The Way It’s Made Matters

Whether you’re elbow-deep in your vegetable garden or simply enjoying the view from your backyard patio, there’s no denying the power of plants in enriching our lives.

Healthy Grow is proud to provide a full line of fertilizers, specialty mixes and soil enhancers that are made with only the purest, most wholesome ingredients possible to ensure vigorous growth throughout a plant’s lifecycle.

“The Way It’s Made Matters

Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow starts simply – with chicken litter from healthy, egg-laying chickens fed a calcium – rich diet. The litter is collected and left to air-dry and break down in their indoor, state-of-the-art, composting facility. Healthy Grow compost is regularly and carefully turned during the 45-day long process to ensure complete aeration, a vital aspect behind promoting microbial growth. The aerobically composted chicken manure is then combined with organic inputs to reach their specific formulation. Many of Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow products are OMRI listed approved for organic gardening and lawns.

How Are They Different?

Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow controls every aspect of the manufacturing process, raw material, and are committed to independent garden centers.

  • Perfectly designed packaging that sits well at the shelf level
  • Granular, low odor fertilizer that is naturally high in calcium and high microbe activity
  • A competitively priced, high performance product that results in higher margins for you
  • An integrated marketing plan developed to build brand equity and drive awareness in order to boost sales at retail

An integrated Marketing Plan Designed for Retailers

Healthy Grow has developed a robust integrated marketing plan to increase sales and be a solution provider to you, their valued retail partners. Their integrated marketing programming, combined with their cost effective, high-margin product will help drive consideration and trial at the point of purchase. When you buy into the Healthy Grow program they are proud to provide a variety of additional marketing programs.

  • POP material
  • Hassle free digital Rebate program – Healthy Grow handles 100% of the redemption process
  • Pandora radio advertising
  • Community garden cause initiatives
  • Local television partnerships
  • Digital advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Easy to navigate, mobile friendly website
  • Product locator
  • Blogger program

These are just some of the tools they have in their arsenal to drive Healthy Grow sales at the retail level. For questions or additional information on Healthy Grow products or marketing, please contact your Arett sales representative.

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Bonide: What’s New in 2017?

Today’s conscientious consumer has “sparked” the revival of natural pesticides, which have been available for many years. Bonide Products has the largest assortment of natural products to meet today’s consumers needs. For the 2017 season, Bonide is emphasizing their natural products with the “Garden Naturals Collection™.” This collection of familiar and time-tested products are featured in their 12 ft. Garden Naturals Collection™ assortment and their 4 ft. NOP (National Organic Program) Organic Gardening Assortment, featuring products approved “For Organic Gardening” by the USDA.

The award-winning Bonide Diagnostic Center continues to improve for the 2017 gardening season. The new touch screen now incorporates the original “insect & disease” based technology with the “plant-based” technology used in their recent version of the touch screen. Plus, now with the recent growth of Garden Naturals products they have added a section devoted to this category. Combining all this technology makes this new touch screen a truly indispensable unit for your employees and the DIY consumer coming to your store for a solution to their problem. Whether your business is Farm & Feed, Hardware or Lawn & Garden, Bonide has a Diagnostic Center assortment for you with the necessary products to make your store “the solution center” in your market. By purchasing a combination of assortments, the dealer receives increased co-op dollars on their purchases, increased Promo Bucks for retail aids, listing on the Bonide Dealer Locator and on local radio/print advertising, POP Kits, store level product knowledge meetings and also custom Greensmith circulars or postcards. See your local Bonide sales representative for all of the details.

As the independent retailer continues to search for ways to compete with the “Big Boxes,” Bonide, in their continued effort in supporting the independent retailer, is offering a 2-Year Plant Guarantee with the purchase of their Root & Grow® Plant Starter assortment. This is a unique promotion that allows the independent retailer an advantage in competing with the “Big Boxes” in the all-important area of plant sales. Bonide’s Root & Grow® Plant Starter contains a high-phosphorus liquid fertilizer with IBA, a proven root stimulant.

For the 2017 season Bonide is introducing a wide variety of new products to help provide effective solutions to your consumer insect, disease, and weed problems. Their new FleaBeater® and FleaBeater®-7 brands offer consumers effective products for use in the home, around the home and on the pet for control of fleas and other insects. The FleaBeater®-7 brand offers 7 month residual control and is available in dust, aerosol, liquid and fogger formulations for application to a variety of surface areas. Their new FleaBeater® for Pets RTU contains time-proven Fipronil (same active as Frontline®) and can be applied to puppies and kittens for control of fleas for up to 30 days.

Bedbug control continues to be an important category and Bonide has expanded our selection of products with the introduction of our Dual Action brand of Bedbug products. Included in the brand is a 3-pack Room Fogger, an aerosol for use on furniture and upholstery and a Ready-to-Use formula. All products give extended control of both the adults and eggs of bedbugs.

Rounding out the new introductions for 2017 is the addition of KleenUP® 365 RTU – an effective herbicide that provides year-long control of weeds. All-natural caterpillar control is now available in their new Bt RTU product. Finally, an all-natural lawn weed killer is now available with Bonide’s new WeedBeater Fe RTU. Safe on lawns, safe for children and pets and “deadly’ on lawn weeds.

Bonide continues to expand its national advertising to include DIY TV and HGTV. Their primetime ads reach over 57 million households. Couple this TV campaign with their new digital marketing campaigns, with Google and You Tube, plus their proven DIY & Garden Radio and print advertising, the Bonide brand will continue to grow and be an important “partner” in your growth as a retailer.

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Organic Gardening Is Now Mainstream Gardening

Dr. Earth’s® mission is to support organic gardeners. They understand and value the organic movement and how quickly it is evolving. They knew 25 years ago that they were going to take this epic journey that was going to take them to a fantastic place.

A colorful vision for growth.

Based on research and brilliantly enhanced with a rainbow of attributes, Dr. Earth® is considered by many to be the most innovative organic gardening company in the United States. After 23 years in business they know what their customers demand and they strive for absolute perfection with every innovation they introduce.

The Dr. Earth® Company is still, and always will be, the first!

Dr. Earth® leads the retail lawn and garden industry, creating cutting-edge natural/organic garden-friendly products. With their company’s total commitment to clean and healthy gardening, they will continue to pursue perfection in every Dr. Earth® product. They take immense pride in everything that leaves their facility. The reason behind all of this is you, their customers.

It starts with a great team.

Dr. Earth® has assembled a team of brilliant people who love what they do. It takes passion, dedication, and an understanding of the value of teamwork to accomplish great things. They nurture a high quality and talented team that shares a mutual vision of perfection.

Perfecting Dr. Earth®

The pulse of their company comes from their position at the very heart of innovation. Innovations become their guiding lights. They value them and what they stand for. When you love a company, you follow it into new places to fuel progressive growth and positive change that benefits everyone. Innovation is the engine of Dr. Earth® and they ensure that it is always viable throughout their enterprise.

They understand and value the high-energy natural and organic movement. Their hard work and vision has contributed to its incredible growth. As they make great investments in their future and the future of natural and organic, they welcome progressive gardeners to join them. Their products are considered people and pet safe because they do not use ingredients such as bio-solids, or composted household waste, or synthetic chemicals which can bring additional health risks to your garden. They will never use any ingredients that might cheapen the integrity of their products.

There is a reason Dr. Earth® feels like Dr. Earth®

Sure it has to do with quality ingredients and true organic fertilizers and soils, but what brings people back time and time again goes well beyond their fertilizers and soils. It goes way beyond their products to a total gardening experience that can only be delivered by Dr. Earth®. It’s about honor, integrity, innovation, knowledge, wisdom and a love affair with the organic lifestyle. That includes simply having a great gardening day. These have been their guiding lights throughout the years, and they are what makes Dr. Earth® feel like Dr. Earth®.

Growing a garden nurtured by Dr. Earth® is life changing!

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Merchant’s Picks For October & November

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month and next month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for October and November 2016.

Merchant Picks - October

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
A15 LIA10000E3Classic Pots - Terra CottaAs plants come indoors need the right pots and saucers to keep the plants happy and the floors clean.
B70 2360Bonide Shotgun Repels-All Animal Repellent GranulesGuard against critters seeking a warm shelter, which could be your attic .
C15 CW1000NClear Vinyl Plant SaucerAs plants come indoors need the right pots and saucers to keep the plants happy and the floors clean.
D08 ECOLODano Paper Refuse BagsEffective way to collect and dispose of leaves.
E60 LS36Espoma Organic Lawn StarterFall is the time to prepare the lawn for the next growing season.
J20 12400Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer 10-0-20 (Step 4)Lawn food to provide strong roots for spring growing.
M15 40912Midwest Rake Company Heavy-Duty Spring Brace RakeGreat for raking up leaves.
M78 022336 Petra Italian SaucerAs plants come indoors need the right pots and saucers to keep the plants happy and the floors clean.
P48 CP12012Nutty Butter Bird SuetBirds are seeking energy which suet gives to them as it gets colder suet as a food source becomes more important.
P95 F2 Felco No. F2 Classic Model PrunerFall is the perfect time to prepare the plants/trees for the winter and early spring growth.
S09 17508Scotts EZ Seed Sun & Shade Patch & RepairA revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success!
S09 38605DScotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food - 32-0-10 - 5M bagBuilds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
S09 38615Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food - 32-0-10 - 15M bagBuilds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
S20 HG71126Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit RepellentKeep away the deer as they come down to the yards looking for food this time of year.
S20 HG95715 Spectracide Wasp & Hornet KillerOne of the most effective sprays to kill hornets and wasps which are everywhere this time of year.
S70 1000551Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant FoodGreat for us on all indoor plants including edibles.
W12 36620Wild Delight Nut 'N Berry Bird FoodAs the weather cools off birds are coming back to the feeders - best seller from Wild Delight.

Merchant Picks - November

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
B70 865Bonide No Escape Mouse MagicEffective way to keep away the mice.
E10 2577Eaton Burlap Pac - 3 ft W x 24 ft LGround and plant perfection in anticipation of a very cold winter.
F04 P418Cast Aluminum Floating Pond De-IcerEffective pond de-icer in anticipation of a very cold winter - save your fish by using these products to give them a livable pond environment.
K20 8001Thermo-Pond Floating Pond HeaterEffective pond de-icer in anticipation of a very cold winter - save your fish by using these products to give them a livable pond environment.
L07 2647290Lyric Supreme Wild Bird SeedCold weather pushes birds back to the feeders.
M84 02020 Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melter - 20 lb. bagSafe and effective way to melt the ice that accumulates on steps and walk ways.
M84 30020 Qik Joe Ice Melter - 20 lb. bagSafe and effective way to melt the ice that accumulates on steps and walk ways.
N28 BV6CS66" Vertical Birch PlanterPerfect house warming or gifts for the holiday season.
N70 07000Wilt-Pruf Plant ProtectorGreat way to preserve Christmas tree from drying out.
R80 26PDXS Avalanche 2000 Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Steel HandleVery effective shovels to move the snow.
R80 36PBSLWXL Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Back Saver Aluminum HandleVery effective shovels to move the snow.
S09 57905Scotts LawnPro Fall Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-10Provides a fall lawn feeding. Prepares lawn for winter.
S64 21708Preserved Reindeer Moss - ChartreusePerfect house warming or gifts for the holiday season.
S70 101660Miracle-Gro For Christmas TreesReduces needle drop when used as directed.
S70 2000992Miracle-Gro Water-Soluble All Purpose Plant Food - 24-8-16 - 8 oz.Great for all types of plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants.
S98 1000600Create Your own Terrarium D.I.Y. KitPerfect house warming or gifts for the holiday season.
W76 9910Fatwood Firestarters - 10 lb. bagGreat way to start a fire in the fire pit or the fire place as evenings get colder.

The New American Lawn Plan: A Revolutionary Approach to Lawn Care


To achieve a great lawn, you must not only feed the lawn, but FEED THE SOIL, too. Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” focuses on the latter using three simple steps. In fact, you might say, that the “New American Lawn Plan” is as easy to remember as “U-S-A”: 

  1. Use genetically superior BLACK BEAUTY grass seed! 
  2. Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with LOVE YOUR LAWN-LOVE YOUR SOIL
  3. Adjust soil pH levels with Mag-i-Cal
Use genetically superior “Black Beauty” Grass Seed. The genetic improvement of grass seed is a fairly recent occurrence. Much of the credit for this progress goes to Dr. Cyril Reed Funk of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Dr. Funk was the “Einstein” of turfgrasses and his accomplishments in breeding them live on. 
Jonathan Green has continued his work in our own turfgrass breeding program, developing truly, genetically superior grasses that produce a beautiful lawn. We call these grasses, “Black Beauty”. 
Black Beauty varieties can root up to four feet deep, possess a dark green color, and contain endophytes for natural insect resistance. Black Beauty also has a waxy leaf coating, like that on apple skin, making them incredibly heat and drought tolerant. 
A grass is only as good as the seed it’s grown from. Black Beauty grass seed products are unequalled in the market and will provide a lawn that the homeowner will never forget! 
Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil. Healthy soil is fundamental to healthy lawns. Bacteria, fungi, and algae are examples of beneficial microbes that help decompose organic matter via countless biological, physical, and chemical interactions in the soil. Air and water play a vital role in these reactions, too. Maintaining a biologically active soil – rich in organic material and increasingly porous – is essential to long-term turfgrass vigor. 
In order to encourage the soil biology, Jonathan Green has developed Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil. This amazing product FEEDS soil microbes with organic humates, amino acids, and sugars to make the soil become more alive while, at the same time, loosens compacted soil for deeper air and water penetration into root zones. 
Adjust your soil pH with Mag-i-Cal. Soil pH is how acidic (sour) or alkaline (sweet) the lawn soil is. Grass grows best in a pH range of 6.3 to 6.8. If your pH is too acidic, then you can be wasting up to 75% of your lawn fertilizer! Having the proper pH increases the ability of grass plants to utilize these “idle” nutrients. 
Jonathan Green’s Mag-i-Cal naturally balances soil pH levels with a highly soluble form of calcium that is instantly available to the plant. Mag-i-Cal also fortifies soil with humates to further encourage microbial life. 
Once the issues above are addressed, a revolutionary, but quite logical, lawn plan emerges. It’s a plan that deals with the underlying causes – and NOT symptoms – of poor turf. You see, growing a beautiful lawn is not that hard once you get the basics right. Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” – and its fundamental “U-S-A” principles – accomplishes the basics for you. 



Scotts: These Easy Projects Take Only 15 Minutes

Here are some easy things your customers can do that will make a big difference come spring.

Feed Their Lawn

The difference between a “so-so” lawn and a truly beautiful lawn both now and next spring is two fall feedings. Feeding in early September and again 6-8 weeks later helps lawns begin rebuilding grass roots that were damaged during the hot, dry summer. Since this is also a great time to kill lawn weeds, you can do two jobs at once by applying a weed and feed, such as Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Weed & Feed.

Spruce Up Their Lawn by Reseeding

When kids play on a lawn that’s still hurting from summer heat and drought, it can get damaged. It can be spruced up by reseeding with a quality Scotts® grass seed mix and Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Grass. After that, the seed and young grass need to be watered regularly – a light misting once or twice a day until the seedlings have reached a mowing height.

Mulch Leaves

Tree leaves smother grass. Contrary to popular belief, fallen tree leaves will not insulate a lawn during winter. In fact, they can block vital sunlight and thin grass. So, leaves should be drop raked and mulched into dime-sized pieces with a lawn mower, and then a fall feeding can be applied.

Fall Feeding Number 2

The second fall feeding should be about 6-8 weeks after the first fall feeding. Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Lawn Food gives lawns the nutrients they need to store up energy for a healthy spring push and helps to break down those mulched leaves.

Mow Lawns Shorter

In late fall, mowers should be dropped down and lawns cut 1-2 inches shorter than the rest of the growing season. They should continue to mow shorter until grass stops growing in early winter. The lawn should be cut slightly lower for the last cut.

Clean Up Tools for a Fresh Start Next Spring

Your customers can help keep their tools from rusting by cleaning them before hanging them up for the season. Also, if they’re done mowing for the year, they should do winter mower maintenance prior to storage.

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