Pacific Home & Garden has been a leader in high-end, hand-crafted pottery, fountains, and garden accents for over twenty years. While most pottery suppliers simply source their product, they have integrated their business with factories in both Vietnam and China, owning 100% of the production. This allows them to quickly introduce new designs and be flexible with production.

Pioneers in pottery design, Pacific Home & Garden remain at the forefront of pottery trends in the United States. Known for both its traditional and modern aesthetics, their pottery is perfectly suited for the uniqueness of American culture and lifestyle, as well as being functional in the varying climates throughout the U.S. With new styles and colors introduced each year, customers are guaranteed to find something to love about all their collections.

Le Beau is the signature brand of Pacific Home & Garden and a modern creation rooted in French colonial heritage. What began as a traditional earthenware collection has evolved into a full array of vibrant colors in high-fire glazes. Le Beau has truly become one of the top brands in the world of outdoor ceramic pottery.

Chelsea Gardener is a brand known for lighter-weight, yet exceptionally strong, frost-proof earthenware. These planters offer a wide array of beautiful colors in both glossy and matte finishes. This collection was inspired by gardening enthusiasts from the West London district, known for blending indoor and outdoor living together. This year we’re excited to add new finishes to this collection that include trendy rustic inspired coral textures and vibrant coastal Aegean colors making every piece beautifully unique.

Tuscan Sun takes its influence from the beauty of Tuscany and French country gardens. It celebrates the vintage finish of the old world. Hand-crafted artistry and unique color variances characterize every piece of this collection. Equally at home in a rustic or modern setting, Tuscan Sun is one of the most fashionable brands on the market today.

What’s old is new again when it comes to the Seasons collection. Now being produced in a new factory, the quality of this line has only increased. This brand is characterized by glazes consisting of unique, two-tone drips and organic color blends. The colors are inspired by the four seasons of nature, ranging from warm Autumn tones to brighter Spring shades.

Verandah is known as simple, urban, and affordable. The brand transformed original earthenware craftsmanship into a new style of modern ceramic manufacturing. Earth tone glazes are reflected in this collection’s organic yet vibrant colors. The complex process of multiple firings and glazes brings an unexpected beauty to this collection.

Metropolis offers contemporary planters made of lightweight materials for ease of handling without sacrifice of design. This brand’s aesthetic offers modern architectural elements with simple shapes and muted colors. This collection is now being produced in a new factory, utilizing newer materials and more sophisticated coloring techniques. The result is a much stronger and more durable product.

During the lockdowns from the pandemic, a trend toward smaller houseplant pottery started to grow. Because of this, Pacific Home & Garden started introducing new indoor collections each year. Every indoor collection offers something different, which is sure to capture that attention of all types of customers. Many of these collections have become industry favorites.

The Palm Springs collection was inspired by the California city’s mid-century modern architecture, with clean lines and streamlined forms. With its matte finishes and subtle colors, this beautiful line invites everyone to bring desert minimalism into their home or office.

Avenue is a lightweight, concrete collection that brings contemporary design to the houseplant market. With its simple, geometric designs, highlighted by a smooth, polished concrete finish, this line is destined to become a wonderful addition to many modern spaces.

Notting Hill is a terra cotta collection showcasing pots that are lightly covered with aged moss. This gives the brand an authentic look befitting an old English farmhouse. The natural and organic look of these pots will compliment any room without taking up much space.

Jewel Studio is a collection with unique, hand-thrown pots featuring irregular shapes and softer colors. This line is available in a wide array of designs, including cache pots with removable plugs that are guaranteed to enhance any room.

Retro Botanica is a collection rooted in the design ethos of the mid-century modern trends of the 1960s and 70s. This line offers a unique color palette of neutral colors, bright colors, and terrazzo shades in both matte and satin finishes. This collection was created with the houseplant market in mind. As houseplants continue to grow, larger indoor planters are needed. Retro Botanica fills this need by providing larger planters that are both lightweight and very strong.

Pacific Home and Garden proudly introduces our latest indoor collection, Flora Danica. With the houseplant industry continuing to grow post pandemic we were delighted to create another innovative option for indoor gardening. This line is for all those who enjoy bright, fresh pastel colors, rustic glazes and beautiful seasonal floral patterns.  For the houseplant enthusiasts this collection also offers planters with attached saucers in several styles to add the perfect décor to any space.