We are a young company with a long history. An Italian history that was born in 1955 in Veneto, an area where the culture of terracotta and its craftsmanship has been rooted and alive for centuries. Deroma has long been the world’s largest producer of Terracotta and Decorative Planters. In 1997 Deroma purchased Marshall Pottery: The only Industrial Terracotta Manufacturing facility in the USA. Our Factory in Texas is supported by our amazing and loyal team. Our colleagues take pride in creating clay planters found in garden centers throughout our country. Marshall has been supporting consumers in the USA since 1895!!

Deroma was founded with the idea of combining this ancient and rich tradition with the most modern and functional production technologies, to create the best possible vase for each plant and for each environment. In every Deroma vase there are years of work, research, and passion and all the experience and expertise of a company that has been able to treasure the heritage of the past and meet the challenges of the future, continuously seeking new ideas and materials.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


We at Deroma have been committed to maintaining a solid base and stable foundations since 1955, which allow us to build every new and original ideas, without forgetting our starting point. The history and experience of a large international group, the craftsmanship and a passion that has lasted for sixty years, make each Deroma pot the ideal arrangement for all your plants.

Deroma is a company that has grown and has been able to improve itself becoming a point of reference and a complete and recognized partner in the garden world. Today, Deroma, in addition to its production plant in Italy, the true beating heart of the company, has numerous factories and branches in various countries and, thanks to over 10,000 points of sale, brings its idea of vase every day, made of technique and heart, all over the world. Deroma has been known worldwide for decades as one of the most important Clay and Glaze Manufacturers, Deroma is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and interesting suppliers in the Plastics Market. Deroma’s lines of plastic offer a broad range of features and benefits, please come see our outstanding new collections.  


Deroma is tirelessly researching and examining trends and styles in contemporary life to anticipate changes and be the protagonists of style and propose contemporary and innovative aesthetic and functional solutions. By continuously monitoring technical and scientific developments, we always have the best solution to ensure durability and functionality.

Deroma offers a variety of styles that are combined from time to time with different aesthetic needs. Essential and clean lines become a real compromise for modern and elegant environments, while the most colorful and fascinating textures caress the palate of the most eccentric.

The glazed collection gives this production an old but precious taste, with a hint of color and classic surfaces, while the innovations of the Light materials capture the taste of the contemporary that is always on the move. 


Deroma actively participates in the Natù project, an Italian initiative that puts into practice the principles of environmental sustainability which our company champions, by using advanced technologies and

adopting eco-friendly practices. The project focuses on fostering cultural awareness of environmental issues and on the reforestation of urban areas.

Thanks to our commitment, the municipality of Malo, home to Deroma’s headquarters, will be able to benefit from a newly reforested area, thus making a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change. “Un Albero per il Futuro” (A Tree for the Future) represents our mission to reduce CO2 emissions and raise awareness among younger generations through educational and empowerment programs, with a particular focus on involving schools.

At Deroma, we’re determined to play our part and view this project as the first step along a path towards a more sustainable future. We’re committed to implementing ongoing improvements, working together today to create an ever better tomorrow.

Deroma Group production is strategically located in Italy, Texas, Thailand, Pakistan, and Vietnam. We offer a comprehensive collection of decorative planters. Deroma’s lines of plastic offer a broad range of features and benefits, we look forward to an exciting new season!  Please come see our outstanding new collections!