Woodlodge would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support. As we head into a new trading year, we are proud to present new products and collections to run alongside some of our iconic and classic designs.

Bee Kind Pottery Collection from Woodlodge

Our stunning range of garden pottery is backed up by our product display tags & decorative display wrap. This enables you to create eye catching displays with our informative point of sales – free with every assortment you order.

The images feature Woodlodge’s new Bee Kind range which will inspire consumers to choose perfect containers, and bee-friendly flowers, that will lure bumblebees to gardens. Our Pantry collection is also featured here. All Woodlodge pottery is made from the highest quality glazes. Our range bring style and beauty to any garden setting!

Pantry Pottery Collection from Woodlodge
Pantry Pottery Collection from Woodlodge

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