outlook_b84_bannerSiobhan’s Irish Fire Logs offers a new, unique Irish peat fuel alternative to traditional firewood, one that is energy-efficient and in ample supply all winter long. With St. Patrick’s Day less than four weeks away, Siobhan’s Irish Fire Logs are an ideal way to celebrate the day when everyone’s Irish. For lawn and garden retailers, Siobhan’s Irish Fire Logs are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day offering that will draw in consumers and add a festive, holiday air to their establishments.

These 100 percent pure Irish peat products will make many consumers forget about traditional firewood. They burn much hotter and longer, don’t spark, and are virtually smokeless once they are lit and get going. The part that will convert longtime firewood users into permanent fans of Irish peat is they have a heavenly earthy and sweet aroma that smells just like Ireland, where the Irish have been burning the organic fuel from renewable bogs in their home hearths for centuries. In Ireland, the aroma of burning Irish peat fills the air everywhere. Many native Irish-Americans have said that burning peat or “sod,” as it is called in Ireland, reminds them of home. Carry Siobhan’s Irish Fire Logs to put Irish warmth and Old World tradition into your customers’ winter heating and entertaining, especially for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.
These nostalgic products imported from Ireland will especially appeal to the nearly 40 million Americans of Irish or Scot-Irish heritage. Smelling a peat fire evokes memories of past trips to Ireland and sparks the imagination of how their ancestors lived. Recently introduced, Siobhan’s Irish Fire Logs have been a big hit this fall with garden centers, hardware and fireplace stores.
Siobhán’s Irish Fire Logs are harvested from renewable peat bogs that are abundant throughout Ireland. The peat is cut from the top layer of the bog, which is composed of decomposed vegetative matter, and then laid out to dry. After drying, it is milled and compressed into briquettes. Peat is a very dense, very efficient fuel, which contains no additives, binders, or accelerants. The first recorded use of peat in Irish fires was in the seventh century, although it is believed to have been used much earlier.
Siobhán’s Irish Fire Logs can be used year-round in indoor and outdoor fireplaces, chimeneas, fire pits, camp fires, and even in barbecue grills to add a smoky, savory flavor to food. They are ideal for apartment and condo dwellers since they take up far less space, are easily stored and are less messy than firewood. Their compact size also make them easy to transport for backpackers, RV campers, and those seeking a weekend get-away at a cabin or a beach house. Siobhán’s Irish Fire Logs do not spark or shoot embers and are virtually smokeless once they’re burning. They especially appeal to people who are sensitive to smoke – or want smoke-free homes.
Each box contains 22 Siobhán’s Irish Fire Logs and weighs 30 lbs. A pack of firestarters is included with each box.
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