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In these never-before-seen times of continued, dramatic supply chain instability, one small Texas wholesaler has positioned itself – and its inventory – towards a most elusive trait: availability.  Keeping over 3 million dollars in in-stock pottery at their Dallas warehouse, Jackson Pottery has been busy carving out a nationwide niche for itself with quick shipping, curated pallet assortments, and high order fill rates. Their easy-to-use B2B ordering portal – – has been a game changer for hectic garden centers and landscapers alike, with inventory updated every 30 minutes and expanded search features by size, color, material, and more. Never has it been so easy to get the on-trend pottery you need, on-demand.

image of shrub in a jackson pottery planter, featuring a gray, cratered texture that is their signature bubble glaze
Jackson’s Signature Bubble Glaze

Although keeping up with ever-changing trends can be a chore, the biggest trend to take the home décor and garden industries by storm in recent years appears to be here to stay for 2022 and beyond. Indoor plants and planters saw unprecedented growth during the early days of lockdown and that momentum has continued to snowball. Plants are the new pets and Jackson Pottery has a robust selection of Smallcrete, Floral Glazed, and Terracotta to meet the surging need for indoor pots this year. Gone are the days of boring pottery, as planters featuring stylish patterns and interesting textures move to the front of the line.

a man hammering stone pottery to create craters for the bubble glaze
The Bubble Glaze Process

When it comes to texture, the most popular texture Jackson Pottery offers is the Bubble Glaze, also known by names such as Lunar, Lava, and Volcanic. Defined by a unique “moon-surface” look on the finished pot, the Bubble Glazing technique involves applying a special liquid glaze to the pot which contains a chemical that rises and bubbles when fired in the kiln. Once the pot is removed from the kiln, sandblasters, grinders, or hand-sanding techniques are employed to develop the final look. The result is a complex and captivating texture that is also hardy in the elements. Bubble Glazed pots can be found in the Designer Glazed category of the Jackson Pottery website.

As the home and garden world turns, Jackson Pottery is turning with it. Recent growth has poised them to not only carry on their over 30-year tradition of offering Best-in-Class pottery and service, but to continue getting better with age. A company built on fostering relationships with their customers, they are dedicated to helping your business succeed. They love to see you win and from their inventory availability to their product selection – it shows. Could it be a match?