The explosion of interest in CBD or cannabidiol, the seemingly miraculous compound offering anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for relieving pain, stiffness, and countless other ailments, is a daily occurring news story.


A recent Gallup Poll indicated 1 in 7 Americans are currently using CBD and it is projected that by 2022, 44% of Americans will use CBD products.

That means close to half of the customers that walk into a retail store will be using some form of CBD.   

TWINE CBD was created for YOU – the specialty retailer – and these customers. Consumers want to buy their CBD from a store that they already shop with and trust, like their local Garden Center or Nursery. 

How TWINE CBD all started…

Co-Founders Missy & Angie

Great timing for TWINE CBD or shrewd business planning?  Put quite simply, TWINE CBD was created because CBD worked to relieve chronic back pain for the company’s co-founder, Missy Rosenkampff.  CBD cream provided topical relief and CBD oils helped alleviate overall inflammation, maintain joint health and relieve her back pain. The retail availability of CBD, however, was a nightmare…countless online options, questionable CBD content and other unknown chemicals in products made purchasing CBD confusing at best. This obstacle prompted the creation of TWINE CBD. 

After nearly two years of research, collaborating with hemp farms and processors who have been part of the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program since 2014, TWINE CBD comes to you as…

  • the highest quality USA Grown Hemp
  • processed under the strictest quality and safety standards
  • tested 9 times from seed to shelf and independently tested for purity, potency, and freedom from contaminants
  • 100% THC free CBD isolate

TWINE CBD Products

Our focus at TWINE CBD has always been the specialty retailer. Our products contain the purest, cleanest form of CBD isolate available in best-selling oil and cream formulations. TWINE CBD Cream offers instant relief from sore, inflamed muscles. TWINE CBD Oils offer CBD in 150mg, 300mg, and 750mg strengths.  Daily use helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response, improves muscle recovery after a long day in the garden, promotes restful sleep, and overall physical and mental well-being.

Twine: Hemp-Derived CBD For a healthy body and active lifestyle

Our opening assortment is an easy way to understand and enter the CBD Market.

Our opening assortment includes:

  • Top 2 categories in the CBD Market (Creams and Oils)
  • Pharmaceutical grade, 100% THC FREE products
  • Packaging and Display specifically for the Specialty Retail Market
  • Sales Support and Education Information
  • Cream Samples to hand out to Employees and Customers


Don’t take just our word for it, here’s what current retailers are saying about TWINE CBD…

“Twine has by far outperformed our former CBD line. With a 30% increase in margin vs. our prior line, and more Twine products sold in the first 30 days than 10 months with the other guys, we can’t recommend it enough. The purity, price point, marketing materials and support we get from our rep Michele Thomas is paramount to anything else you can find. Customer feedback has been great. They appreciate the affordable pureness of Twine, and so do we. Do yourself a favor and GET THIS LINE!”
– Jayson Frederick, Co-Owner, Southern Cove Unique Gifts & Apparel

 “We moved in to a new 10,000 square foot store.  TWINE-CBD oil has helped relieve the pain in my hands and feet from the move.”

Angel Rice, Owner, Under the Carolina Moon, Easley, SC

“We had a GREAT sell through this summer!” 
– Nancy, Country Road Farms, Sylva, NC

“The 150mg cream has saved me! It is great for my lower back and headaches.  I have the 150mg cream as a sample for customers to try.  I tell them to try the cream and walk around town for a while.  Then they come back to the store and buy the cream!”

Misty at Hunters and Gatherers in Brevard, NC

TWINE CBD Web Presence

TWINE CBD’s social media presence and website keep customers up to date on the latest research and news in the CBD industry. Click below to explore.