by Aaron Goy, Eco Agronomist / Pearl Valley Organix, Inc.

Can we be honest?

Many of our customers have little idea what they need, or how to use it – they just know they need a “fertilizer.”

They want one that is safe, effective, and easy-to-use – and then they want to get the kids to soccer practice! Most folks “eyes glaze over” while they are standing by the shelves looking for the right fertilizer for their plants, gardens, and lawns!  With hundreds of products, in all shapes, sizes and formulas, selecting the right one can overwhelm the casual consumer and the professional.

We Can Help! Years of independent studies and lots of actual use have proven that if you feed the soil – and the life it contains, you can produce quality lawns, gardens, and landscapes with little additional inputs.

Stop wasting your time with synthetic fertilizers!

It’s simple – plants need “the right amount, of what they need, when they need it!”  In nature, when plants are allowed to grow as they are genetically predisposed, there are no applications of fertilizers.  The soil holds everything they need.  As minerals dissolve, the soil biology eats them, the biology dies, nutrients are released, and the plants utilize them.

I always ask people to look at the medians along the highways. They get zero TLC, yet the grass grows and, for the most part, looks pretty good! The reason is, the plants are allowed to grow at the pace that can be supported “naturally”. 

We use fertilizer inputs because we do things that Mother Nature did not intend. We plant them where they shouldn’t be, we want a certain color – “dark green grass,” we want fruit and veggies to come at a certain time and have the perfect shape, color, sugar level, etc. When we do this, we outpace what our soils can naturally provide – hence, the need for inputs.

Plants don’t eat food, they make it! When the sun shines, the plants make sugar, then if it has the right elements in its system, it makes amino acids, then proteins. Protein then directs all functions of the plants.

Most plants need only a fraction of what we apply, and they can’t use most fertilizers in the form they are in. They need to be broken down into an “inorganic” form.  This is done by soil biology – and it takes a little time and oxygen.

A lot of the synthetic fertilizer we apply is lost to volatilization and movement in water and soils – not good for the environment or us!  In addition, plants are like kids in a candy store – they will chow down on things like nitrogen and make excess sugars. This fattens them up – just like us – and causes unwanted foliage, stem extension, and thatch.  This all comes at the expense of root growth and functionality.

When we support soil biology levels, we improve nature’s ability to support the plant growth we desire.  The best way to do this is with products that have living microorganisms, available plant nutrients and provide a food source for soil biology populations.  This naturally increases the amount of nutrients the plant will receive. It’s a continuous circle, the more biology, the more nutrients are released that feed both the plants and the soil biology.

Coop Poop All Purpose keeps it “Real and Simple.”

It starts with litter from a nutrient, mineral, vitamin, and Calcium-rich layer hen diet.  This is infused with oxygen and carbon using anaerobic composting and curing process. The resulting product is full if robust live soil biology, natural plant nutrients, and essential soil-building material.

No other compost product has the quantity and diversity of biology!

Applied at planting and monthly during the growing season, Coop Poop will provide all that the plant needs – and leave your soils in better condition.

All-Purpose Coop Poop – Any Plant – Any Soil – Anywhere You Grow!

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