Everyone’s heard that vertical stripes make a dress flattering. The same is true for your garden! Take advantage of unused space by growing up instead of out to condense more plants into a smaller growing area. You can maximize your garden space even further by also trying container gardening. Dalen Products produces an item especially suited for both these trends: the Stackable Garden.

Examples and Benefits

Vertical gardening can refer to several different methods: huge scale like the urban indoor farms sprouting up in Japan and major American metropolises; lush indoor and outdoor wall gardens; stacking planters, and shady trellises.

Growing plants vertically is nothing new: climbing plants have entwined themselves around trees to reach the sun for millennia. Trellises have exploited this tendency in grapevines and other climbing crops since before the Romans. The ancient Babylonians and Mayans grew plants on terrace steps centuries ago. Wherever and however it’s implemented, vertical gardening can save space, increase yields, and add to an area’s beauty.

Container gardening is a gardening trend that dovetails nicely with vertical gardening. It too has a venerable history. Potted plants, from flowers to fruit trees to vegetables, were grown in medieval gardens for both utility and decoration. But never has container gardening been more suited to our living conditions than now. Growing plants, whether ornamental or edible, in a variety of containers is an excellent way for those with limited growing space to make the most of it.

Through container gardening, gardeners also have greater freedom to customize plants’ location, soil types, and fertilizers. It also saves time from weeding and having to till and amend the soil before planting. It lets gardeners grow plants too tropical for their zone, adds texture and interest to landscaping, and turns porches, patios, and balconies into productive growing spaces. While both container and vertical gardening have a lot to offer aesthetically, at bottom they’re all about efficiency in the garden.

How Best to Start Container and Vertical Gardening?

Putting a small area of your garden space to work with Dalen Products’ Stackable Garden is an innovative way to engage in both vertical and container gardening. The Stackable Garden allows gardeners to save on two of the greatest resources in short supply, especially in an urban setting: space and time. Growing plants in the Stackable Garden’s tiers quadruples growing space while cutting down on weeding and watering time.

Why Use One of Dalen’s Stackable Gardens?

10 features that make the Stackable Garden a great choice:

  • Easy to water: just water the top planter and it will spread to the lower ones; no need to water each “pocket” individually.
  • Saves space: fit a lot of plants into small or awkward spaces (like a patio corner, courtyard, balcony, porch, or front stoop).
  • Versatile: plant edibles and ornamentals; different tiers can hold plants with different soil or nutrient requirements.
  • Healthier plants: plants in containers tend to have fewer diseases and pest problems.
  • No weeding: the small pockets keep out weed seeds.
  • No heavy maintenance: eliminates the need for heavy-duty gardening equipment.
  • Fewer shaded areas: designed to ensure sunlight hits every pocket, so no need to worry that certain plants won’t get enough sun.
  • Convenient access: grow fresh herbs and vegetables within easy reach of the kitchen—the ideal farm-to-table!
  • Portable: easy to set up, take down, and take with you if you’re a renter or are moving to a new home.
  • Easy to store: at the end of the season, each level can be nested inside the other to save space.

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