Welcome to the first installment of Arett Success Stories.

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In these unprecedented times, Arett Sales is happy to report that many of our customers are doing better than expected under incredibly challenging circumstances. One such Success Story comes from Natorp’s Nursery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

natorp's nursery full carts
Natorp’s Nursery – Carts full of online orders

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, Natorp’s had already established a significant e-commerce presence with drive-through pick-up at their store. When the retail store closures began, Natorp’s ramped up their online sales.

With the fast-growing demand for online sales and delivery services, Natorp’s began scheduling pick-up times 5 days in advance in order to fulfill all their customer orders.

The governor of Ohio has now allowed the re-opening of retail stores to shoppers, as long as businesses adhere to prescribed safety measures. At first, due to the immense increase in online sales and curbside pick-up, Natorp’s had no carts left for the incoming shoppers. After implementing some creative adjustments and all necessary safety measures including floor markers for spacing, sanitation stations, and plexiglass at the registers, Natorp’s successfully re-opened with social-distanced in-store shopping. They limit the number of shoppers to 150 people maximum. Once that limit is met, they allow more customers in as others check out. 

We look forward to hearing more of these stories as states begin to carefully reopen. Digital presence is more necessary now than ever for retailers of all sizes. Customers need to know what’s in stock, the services available, how to order, and where to contact your business. Adding additional online ordering and website features tells customers that you’re the local business they should be shopping with.

If your store is looking for assistance with website design, e-commerce set up or strategy, how to market curbside pick-up & delivery options, or any other customer communications, call our marketing partners at Greensmith today!

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Natorp's Nursery line
Natorp’s Nursery – A long line of customers wait patiently to pick-up orders and shop

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