Echo Valley


Turning Outdoor Living Spaces Into An Evening Oasis, One Home At A Time
From the inception of their popular Illuminaries® (glow-in-the-dark yard stakes, gazing globes and more) back in 2004, Echo Valley has steadily transformed itself from a daytime-only outdoor accent line to a company whose products can be equally enjoyed in the evening. Their current slogan, “Our Products Shine Brightest At Night,” has never been more apropos.
Lumisphere™ Solar Firefly and Butterfly Lanterns
From passive solar lighting products, such as the aforementioned Illuminaries®, to active solar designs like their otherworldly Lumisphere™ solar lanterns, Solar Firefly and Butterfly Lanterns, and vibrant LunaLite™ flower stake collections, the future of the company has never been brighter!
As more of us spend the evening hours enjoying our outdoor living spaces, solar accent lighting will play an increasingly important role in creating ambience and an inviting environment. Because the mass merchants and big boxes dedicate the vast majority of their solar lighting space to cheap, disposable pathway lights – of which there is little variation from one retailer to the next – the solar accent lighting category is one that is ripe for the independent retailer to take advantage of, provided it is executed correctly. In other words, you can’t throw a few products on a shelf and hope they will sell. Those who create an outdoor living theme romancing these products will be the big winners!
Spiral Solar Swizzle Stakes™
To that end, Echo Valley has made a concerted effort to develop point of sale merchandisers that provide retailers the ability to display many of their beautiful art glass solar accent lights, such as the new Spiral Solar Swizzle Stakes™, out of their respective retail boxes so that consumers can touch and feel them prior to making a purchase. If incorporated in a patio setting at a retailers’ store, this is even more impactful, as it gives the end user a visual idea of how a product could look in their own home.
Small touches such as the inclusion of a ‘try me’ button on their Solar Firefly Lantern counter display engage consumers by allowing them to interact with the product, contributing to a greater likelihood of a purchase. A similar feature will be included on the counter display under development for their new Starry Night Solar Lantern, which features twinkling stars flanking a lit crescent moon.
LunaLite™ Novasphere™
While the big boxes and chains fight it out in the $9.99 and under solar pathway lighting category, Echo Valley is betting on the belief that there is room for a high-quality, art glass solar path light that will retail for $19.99 and find a receptive audience craving something higher-end that looks every bit as attractive during the day, as it does at night. With the introduction in April of their LunaLite™ Novasphere™ landscape light (available now), Echo Valley has done exactly that! The really cool thing about the product’s design, outside of its stylish good looks, is the fact that there is no on-off switch that can fail. Nope, all the consumer has to do is remove the battery activation strip included, set it and forget it! It will come on brightly each night without fail and remain lit virtually the entire evening.
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