Think of all the things you hate about traditional garden hoses: they’re heavy, take up space in your garage or on your hose reel, they kink easily, and many of them aren’t durable enough.

zero-G garden hose

zero-G garden hoses have solved every problem you have with traditional garden hoses through a lightweight, easy to handle, kink-resistant, advanced, hose design. zero-G is setting a new standard in garden hoses.

Why is a zero-G hose better than a traditional garden hose?


kink-free garden hose

It happens nearly every time you get the hose out to water the plants or wash a vehicle. Right in the middle of your job, all of the sudden, the water cuts off. You have to set the hose down, go back and un-kink the hose, and start again…only to have the same thing happen a few minutes later. Not so with zero-G hoses – the kink-free design means the water flow is uninterrupted.

Lightweight Design

lightweight garden hose

zero-G hoses are 50% more lightweight than the average garden hose. This makes it easier to handle, especially if you’re extending the range for long-distance applications. No more lugging a heavy, cumbersome hose across the yard or getting a workout from trying to reel it back.

Enhanced Durability

durable garden hose

Traditional hoses have all kinds of durability issues. They can be prone to puncture, couplings can be easily damaged. Some hoses weaken due to changes in temperature throughout the seasons. zero-G hoses resist leaks, abrasions, and punctures with a revolutionary, durable design.


lead-free garden hose

Many of us grew up drinking straight from the hose on a hot summer day. Refreshing, right? Well, some of those traditional hoses may not have been so safe to drink from thanks to the presence of lead deposits. zero-G hoses are completely lead-free and safe for drinking water.

What makes zero-G garden hoses so great?

  • Woven fiber jacket is resistant to leaks, punctures, and abrasions
  • Durability on par with commercial-grade hoses
  • Jacket glides smoothly across all surfaces without snagging

G-Force High Density Jacket

g-force high density jacket garden hoses

  • Core is flexible and pliable, preventing kinking
  • Hose is easy to maneuver
  • Coils easily for storage

Tru-Flex Inner Core

tru-flex inner core garden hoses
  • Aluminum, commercial-grade construction
  • Lead-free for safe drinking water
  • Knurled Male/Female for easy grip
  • Brass insert on female end to eliminate galvanic corrosion with brass hose bibs.

New Coupling Design

coupling garden hoses

Compare zero-G garden hoses to the competition:

Puncture Resistance

garden hose puncture resistance

Breaking or Splitting

garden hose breaking or splitting

Coupling Threads

garden hoses coupling threads

Tensile Strength

garden hoses tensile strength

As you can see, zero-G hoses are superior to traditional garden hoses by every conceivable measure. zero-G hoses are more durable, lighter, kink-resistant, and lead-free; traditional hoses simply can’t measure up. Arett Sales stocks the full line of zero-G hoses in their warehouses. Make sure to stock up today.