Springtime is here!

As the sun warms up our outdoor spaces, we’re all excited to head out to the garden with our garden tools and get a jump-start on spring cleaning, right? Sure, there’s a lot of work to be done, but doing these chores right will be well worth it once those first blossoms come up from the ground.

Garden Weasel Tools are The Solution.

Garden Weasel is here to make these outdoor tasks easier! We know gardeners need premium high-quality tools to assist with deep cultivating, maintaining garden beds, sculpting, and improving the lawn – all starting with the soil. Our tools are the solution! Not only does our metallic red stand out in yards, gardens, and driveways, but our high-quality tools are made of welded steel, aluminum, and nylon – not plastic like most other tools. Below are some of our must-have tools that you’ll need to create a fabulous outdoor space.

Garden Weasel Cultivator

garden weasel cultivator tool

It hasn’t been a bestseller for 40 years by accident – the Garden Weasel Cultivator is super lightweight at just 2.5 pounds, yet it masters the heavy-duty job to loosen and aerate soil in one quick, easy step. All you have to do is roll the cultivator, and its bladed wheels do the rest! The detachable tines are a snap to work with, giving you flexibility to work in between rows or in tight spaces within your flowerbeds. It even cleans itself while you work! Crafted in durable rust- and weather-resistant carbon steel and guaranteed for life, this cultivator is the only one you need in your arsenal.

Here’s why gardeners need the Garden Weasel Cultivator –

  • Loosens, cultivates and aerates soil with 3 interchangeable rotary bladed wheels.
  • Helps the lawn breathe, absorb water & hold grass seed.
  • Perfect for maintaining garden beds – the rotary tines can bring weeds to the surface combining the functions of both a hoe and spade.

Plus, our cultivator is easy to use –

  • Simply apply the Garden Weasel Cultivator to the soil and cultivate with a back-and-forth motion. For easier cultivating, slightly wet the soil.
  • Detach 1 or 2 tines to work between narrow garden rows.

Garden Weasel Garden Claw

garden claw tool

Once you’ve chosen the varieties you want in your garden, you’ll need the Weasel Garden Claw to loosen and aerate the soil before planting. Before you dig the right-sized hole to plant, be sure to turn the soil thoroughly with the Garden Claw, breaking up any clumps or old roots below the surface.  Make sure your hole is deep enough and wide enough for the plant’s roots.

One of the greatest benefits of the Weasel Garden Claw is that it requires no bending! Just stand over any area that needs cultivating, aerating or turning, place the head on the soil, then turn the handle while standing fully upright.

The Weasel Garden Claw is especially useful early in the gardening season to turn the first soil of the year.

Here’s why you need the Garden Claw –

  • Use Garden Claw for the hard-cultivating work needed early in the season.
  • Cultivating allows moisture and air to get below the packed soil, yielding healthier plants and roots.
  • Garden Claw is versatile, medium-duty, and works great on many different types of soil.

The Garden Claw is easy to use –

  • The Garden Weasel Garden Claw comes fully assembled and ready for you to transform your garden!
  • Just place Garden Claw in any soil, even if it hasn’t been cultivated since the Fall, and turn the handle to easily cultivate packed soil.
  • The comfort-grip handles feel good in the hand, and the spiral turn action offers 4 actions in 1: cultivating, loosening, aerating and weeding.

Tools that help you Work Smarter– Not Harder!

Gardening brings the beauty of show-stopping colors and textures at different times of the year. If you choose the right plants, you’ll have year-round interest in your outdoor space. If you choose the right tools, you’ll have a professional looking lawn and garden whenever you need it. Our Weasel Garden Claw works hand-in-hand with the Garden Weasel Cultivator to maintain your garden beds all season long.

Cultivate, aerate, landscape and grow. Maintain your plants, lawn and garden all season long with Garden Weasel tools! Grab a Weasel Claw or Garden Weasel Cultivator to help with your lawn care needs.