Can’t wait to check out what’s new at the Arett Sales Open House? Here’s a peek at the new products and manufacturers. 

In 2021, Arett Sales celebrates 70 years strong serving the lawn and garden industry. This year, we are thrilled to be safely bringing Vendors and Retailers together again for an in-person Open House.  

Our Merchants scour the world to discover new and unique brands that you won’t see everywhere. We then enthusiastically introduce them to our customers at the Arett Sales Open House. So, if you’re looking for the best new products to sell before your competitors discover them, read on.  

Agro Thrive 

Organic Bio-Fertilizer, the first pre-digested organic fertilizer provides quick and healthy plant growth while rebuilding the soil. This fast-acting liquid organic fertilizer with a balance of pre-digested macro & micronutrients provides results in less than a week.  

Traditional organic fertilizers are simply blends of organic nutrients. When applied to soil, the plants rely on soil microbes to break down those nutrients to a simple form that the plants can eventually absorb. This digestion process usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks in soil, which can make growing organically quite a challenge. AgroThrive is the only organic fertilizer that has already gone through this digestion process before going into the soil, which is why users can see results in less than a week! 

Blue Sky Clayworks 

Blue Sky Clayworks proudly carries top-quality, unique Ceramic Tabletop Products, ranging from mugs, teapots, plates, bowls, and planters, that can make any room more attractive.     

Dominican Garden Products 

These rotationally molded resin planters provide guaranteed durability and resistance. Several designs are available, and all are weather resistant. Other features include:   

  • Inner wall for optimal root insulation 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Hand-painted finish gives it a uniquely realistic look 
  • Rotationally molded with the highest quality resin 

The Environmental Factor 

Environmental Factor has been at the forefront of creating natural lawn and garden solutions that are easy to use and work with nature to improve your green spaces. Today Environmental Factor offers lawn care products that are natural, safe for people, pets, and the environment, whether for commercial or residential use. Check out their wide selection of products for all your home, garden, and lawn needs at the Open House. 

Fitt Flow 

FITT produces and sells hoses that support gardening and hobby enthusiasts. FITT solutions are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum levels of performance in terms of durability, ease of use, compactness and lightness, performance, and appearance. Other features include:   

  • Lightweight and compact: 2X lighter, and 3X more compact than a traditional hose.   
  • A durable and abrasion-resistant cover makes for long-lasting performance. 
  • Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum couplings   
  • Strain relief collars ensure easy connection and uninterrupted flow   
  • Drinking-Water Safe   
  • 500 psi burst strength   
  • Lifetime warranty   
  • Sizes – 5/8’ comes in 50 and 100 foot, ¾” in 100-foot length   

Ike’s Farm, Home and Garden 

Your customers deserve uncompromising landscaping products that deliver exactly what they need—at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Ike’s Farm, Home and Garden provide just that. Check out their family of products:

  • Concentrated Weed Control Solutions 
  • Concentrated Insect Control Solutions 
  • Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer Solutions 


Jacto is the world’s top-selling backpack sprayer – and is now available for you to purchase from Arett Sales. We’re most excited about the Jacto battery-powered backpack sprayer which was designed as a crop care tool for small farmers, nursery and greenhouse growers. Stop by and check them out at the Open House 

Midwest Wire 

MidWest Wire Works is dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing them with excellent levels of customer service, quality nursery supplies, and the individualized touch that can’t be found at big box stores. Top of the lime tomato cages up to 58” tall and able to be stacked. These cages are the strongest on the market and come in red, green, and galvanized steel.   

Mountain View Seed 

Formulated using America’s top-rated varieties, Mountain View Seeds produce thick, green, and hardy lawns. Available now, at Arett Sales.  


Portrait Gardens  

With Portrait Gardens, you can Design, Plant, and Display your new succulent wall garden the same day. The patented design of the planter frame allows for immediate hanging, allowing the plants to take root on the wall, rather than waiting months before mounting your wall garden, as with previous techniques.  

  • Ideal for all potted plants 
  • Available in 4 sizes 
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Display as a wall, mount, or tabletop 
  • Frames are interchangeable for custom décor  
  • Feature built-in watering tray and reservoir for drainage  
  • Use with succulents, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and more  


The stress of everyday life and the frustration of getting a good night’s sleep can sideline even the most health-conscious of us. 100% natural CBD works to make our days (and nights) better. Twine provides the best CBD products for your customers. TWINE offers CBD Oils,CBD Creams, and NEW this year - Pet CBD Products.   


Plant Trap 

Expand your happy place with Plant Traps – the new, tool-free floating garden shelf designed for balconies, decks, porches, and even your front stoop. Got a railing? Get a Plant Trap! Be the first to offer your customers a creative new product that provides a floating garden OUTSIDE their railing.    

These are just some of the cool new products on display at this year’s Arett Sales Open House.  

Seeing and touching the new products – in person – is the best way to shop…however, the show-only deals make it worth the trip.   

Arett Sales Open How proudly showcases over 250 manufactures including the industry’s top-selling brands at the best value to our customers. We can’t wait for you to see all the products. Arett Sales is looking forward to seeing you at this year’s show.