The 2022 live Arett Open House led to a resurgence of interest in new items and new vendors; and with more than 40 new vendors this year, there was plenty to choose from. With the benefit of both a Live Show and a Virtual Show, and extended expiration dates of Power Alley, Wild Cards, and Passport to Profits through the end of September, customers had the luxury of taking their time exploring great new products for their Spring 2023 offering.  

Plant Traps (P101) & Mossify (M95), 1st & 2nd place winner of best new product at the Show, were customer favorite throughout the entire Show. Other brand new manufacturers that experienced great customer response included Timbertote (P105), We the Wild (W106), Wildlife Sciences (W60), PF Harris (H41), Watson Gloves (W65), Gardien (C104) and Zevo (P69). For a complete list of new vendors at the 2022 Open House, go the program listing page on and select the “new vendor” filter.   

There were also many new manufacturers launched in 2020 and 2021 that were seen live for the first time at the 2022 Open House. Some customer favorites included Sunset Vista (S14), Midwest Wire (M85), Mountain View Seed (M94), Dominican Planters (C53), True Organics (T106), American Deer Proofing (A102), and Mulch Master (M89).  

Almost every manufacturer at the Open House participated in the New Item craze and customers took notice. Although orders will continue to come in over the next two months, there are some new products that have already separated themselves from their pack. Click here to see a sneak peek of some of the top selling new items at the Show and keep an eye out in mid-October for a complete list of top selling new items from every category available during the 2022 early order writing period. 

The tried and true products also maintained their dominance at the 2022 Arett Open House with many familiar items from industry leading manufacturers such as Scotts, Terra Verde, Fox Farm, Gardman, Coast of Maine, SBM Life Sciences, American Gardenworks, Bonide, HC Companies, Radians, Dewitt, Espoma, Lebanon, Novelty, Messinas and more. Click here to see a sneak peek of some of the top selling items written during the Open House Show Days and keep an eye out for a complete top sellers list by category that will be released in mid-October.  

The Show Goes On… but the deadlines are fast approaching…  

There are still more opportunities to secure the best discount on all of these top selling items and more, however you must act fast. Power Alley, Wild Cards, Passport to Profits and New Biz Rewards expire on Friday, September 30th.