Introducing Earth Science,® a powerful new branding platform for Encap’s® innovative products and technologies. 

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Developed as part of an extensive research effort with over 1,500 lawn and garden consumers. Earth Science® crafts innovative, earth friendly products that help your lawn and garden thrive, naturally.

Rich in Organics for Better Soil

The most important part of growing strong, beautiful plants is good soil. Earth Science® products are rich in organics to improve soil biology and crafted with sustainable ingredients that work in harmony with nature. A balance of technology and biology fosters a friendly environment for the things that grow in the ground and those on top of it too.

Our Upcycling Process

Earth Science® works hard to develop products that make it easy to achieve beautiful lawns and gardens.  Earth Science® product formulations start with a solid base of beneficial organics.  Our proprietary “upcycling” process turns 10 pounds of raw dairy manure into 1 pound of Earth Science® fertilizer, transforming a waste stream into something useful – lawn food. Recycling nutrients this way allows our products to return much-needed organic matter back to the soil, feeding the beneficial organisms that help plants thrive.

Nutri-Bond Technology®

Only Earth Science® products contain patented Nutri-Bond Technology®.  Studies have shown that up to 50% of applied nutrients can be washed away after fertilizer applications. Earth Science® exclusive Nutri-bond® coating naturally bonds with the soil to keep more product where you put it.  The result is better performance while using less product – up to 4x less than regular products! Also, watering is made easy with our patented Water Right Crystals™, designed to help homeowners create the optimal environment for seed germination and growth.  Simply water until the crystals expand and sparkle.  When the crystals disappear, it’s time to water again!

Earth Science® crafts products that are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and – most importantly – guaranteed to help you have the best-looking lawn and garden.

New products for 2021 include:

Earth Science Lawn Food Plus – All the nutrients your lawn needs PLUS healthy organics to feed the soil. This super-premium organic based lawn food delivers 50% more nutrients per bag than the leading fertilizer brand! 

Earth Science 1-Step Lawn Thickener – The all-in-one fix for lawns.  Contains all-natural grass seed, lawn food and organic soil improvers.  Get up to a 50% thicker lawn with just one application.

Earth Science Fast Acting Grass Repair Kits – New organic based formulas improve seed establishment; formulated to provide superior coverage and value. 

Earth Science Bone Meal – Give bulbs, flowers and roses a boost. This super-premium 1-25-0 NPK formula is designed to encourage development of strong root systems and promote flowering.

Earth Science Blood Meal – An excellent source of organic nitrogen for any plant. This super-premium 14-0-0 formula cultivates vibrant color and helps activate compost piles.

Earth Science EarthWorm Castings – 100% vermicompost improves overall soil structure and increases water and nutrient holding capacity of soils.

Earth Science Wildflower Mixes –

The easiest way to create the ideal habitat for pollinators. 3-in-1 formula contains premium wildflower seed, plant food, and natural soil conditioners. We offer the best performing, most complete line of wildflower mixes, including: 

  • Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix
  • Pollinator Mix
  • Bouquet Mix
  • Shady Mix
  • Perennial Mix
  • Aromatic Mix
  • Deer and Rabbit Resistant Flower Mix
  • Zinnia Mix
  • Daisy Mix

Earth Science Lawn & Garden Minerals –

Strong, beautiful plants need good soil. Give soil the boost it needs to help your lawn or garden thrive!

Fast Acting Lime – raises soil pH to help plants absorb more food.

Fast Acting Sulfur – lowers soil pH to help plants absorb more food.

Fast Acting Iron – promotes a deep green color without excessive growth.

Fast Acting Gypsum – loosens clay soils.