This year, Pacific Home & Garden is thrilled to reintroduce our classic best sellers from all collections. With a renewed focus on innovation and quality, we invite you to explore our stunning new coral and Aegean finishes, along with refreshing indoor planters. Our extensive pallet programs proudly showcase the top brands in the industry, ensuring you have access to the finest selections. Plus, our beloved frog, fish, and shell statues are back in stock. Don’t miss out on these timeless favorites and our fresh new additions! 

Premier Collection: Vintage Chelsea Gardener 

Introducing our premier, best-selling collection: the highly sought-after Vintage Chelsea Gardener. This collection features two exquisite finishes, Aegean and Coral, which are designed to stand out with their unique and earthy tones. Pictured here are Aegean Blue and Coral White, showcasing our distinct style. Inspired by the natural beauty and meticulous detail of coastal villas and English gardens, our finishes offer a refreshing, clean aesthetic that sets us apart from the competition. Elevate your garden with the unparalleled charm of the Vintage Chelsea Gardener collection. 

Highlighting Le Beau: Glazed Earthen Pottery at Its Finest 

Highlighting Le Beau, the nation’s most coveted high-end brand of glazed earthen pottery. Our collection features large, frost-proof planters that are ideal for both landscape and architectural design projects. This season, we’re excited to reintroduce our popular blue and aqua planters, perfect for any showcase. In addition, our handcrafted statues, pre-produced to meet the high market demand, are now available. Enhance your space with the unmatched sophistication and superior quality of Le Beau. 

Embrace Timeless Elegance with the Tuscan Sun Collection 

Get inspired by the Mediterranean seas and embrace the grandeur and old-world charm with our Tuscan Sun collection. This timeless trend continues to be a staple in landscape and design elements. Established and perfected over a decade of meticulous testing, our Tuscan Sun collection remains unparalleled despite market imitation. Experience the unmatched quality and beauty for yourself. Come and see the difference. 

Perfecting Indoor Planters for Your Home 

For years, we’ve focused on perfecting garden center essentials for indoor planters. Leveraging our extensive experience in designing planters for the nursery industry, we are proud to introduce our latest collection for the house plant market. These planters seamlessly blend fashion and practicality, offering the perfect solution for your indoor needs. 

Explore and Elevate Your Space 

Pacific Home & Garden invites you to explore our reintroduced classics and exciting new collections. Whether you are looking to refresh your outdoor garden, enhance your landscape design, or find the perfect indoor planter, we have something for everyone. Discover the beauty, quality, and innovation that set us apart in the industry. 

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