Mountain View Seeds is a supplier of high quality seed based in the famed Willamette Valley of Oregon.

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They are a part of Pratum Co-op which services over 500 Oregon farmers. They are devoted to developing and acquiring grass seed of the highest genetic quality and continually look for varieties with improved resistance to disease and pests. They work closely with the research programs at Rutgers and other universities. With a full spectrum of turf varieties, Mountain View Seeds can fulfill all your seed needs.

Mountain View is proud to offer Arett their Nature’s Own® branded seed line-up.

Nature’s Own® is Mountain View’s newest retail packaging line. Years of experience in the lawn seed industry has been applied to the Nature’s Own line making it the most appealing and innovative line available today.

Nature’s Own is formulated with some of America’s top-ranking varieties. Each mixture is tailored to satisfy individual homeowner needs; from sunny to shady to active use and hard to grow areas. Our top-shelf varieties are also more disease, insect and drought resistant, requiring less chemicals, and making it Mother Earth’s GREENER choice.

Nature’s Own contains their WaterGard coating.

The coating makes the seed heavier which gives the end user better seed to soil contact.  The polymer in the coating absorbs and retains moisture around the seed for an extended amount of time and decreases the germination time.

Nature’s Own comes in bags that are sized 3lbs, 8lbs, 18lbs, 25lbs and 50lbs to fit all your consumer’s needs.