Understanding the importance of “Organic Matter” is critical in successful organic gardening. Adding organic matter to your soil does several things: it supplies immediate nutrients and nutrient reserves that are held in the soil for later use by the plants, it increases the overall number and activity of the soil’s microorganisms, and it helps hold water and loosen soil structure. Organic matter is a very powerful tool.

Healthy soil life in your potted plants and native garden soil depends on continual replenishment of fresh organic matter and humus. BuffaLoam Organic Compost averages over 35% organic matter and humus content. These high levels of organic matter and humus provide nutrition availability for a wide variety of growing plants. It also improves soil structure and builds nutrient reserves in organic slow release fashion. Enhanced micro-organism activity in your soil media is another major benefit. The dark color you see is stable humus. It is recommended that you blend Organic Buffalo Compost with any bagged potting mix or native soils at a rate of 4 parts potting mix to 1 part compost. Blending at the suggested rates will increase the organic matter content of most mixes by 300%! It can take decades for nature to build very thin layers of humus on its own. Adding BuffaLoam Organic compost gives gardener’s a huge head start on that process.

BuffaLoam Brand Products are based on fully composted and aged buffalo manure. It is produced exclusively on their Diamond Tail Ranch in northern Colorado. After a rigorous testing, turning, curing, and measuring process of approximately six months, the compost is aged for an additional eighteen months. This testing and aging process allows BuffaLoam to develop a compost product that is highly consistent, completely finished, with a rich dark color and no offensive odor. There is simply no other compost product like it on the market.

BuffaLoam Organic Potting Soil is ideal for starting and feeding plants without any additional additives. The compost is blended with fine grade Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss to produce a potting blend that is dense, packed with nutrients and has great moisture holding capacity.

BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food is a loose compost tea that is highly effective and couldn’t be easier to use. The compost is given an additional screening to produce a very fine texture that easily releases its nutrients when mixed with water. BuffaLoam adds the right amount of sea kelp harvested from the cold Norwegian coastline and Endo Mycorrhizae. It is recommend to add two tablespoons of plant food to one half gallon of water and stir it up. The 1-1-1 NPK content means it will not burn or over feed any plants. The compost tea can be used every time a plant is watered.

Arbor Stampede, Premium Tree and Shrub Starter gets new plantings on the right start with root supporting nutrients and Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae Fungi. The addition of sea kelp and yucca extract boost the effectiveness of the compost. The Tree and Shrub Starter is the newest BuffaLoam product and is a great add on sale to a bare root or balled tree or any potted shrub. The Arbor Stampede should be mixed into the native soil in the top six inches of backfill around the plant. This will provide maximum root contact and begin to build the nutrient reserves and soil structure that is so critical for survivability with new plantings.

All BuffaLoam products are packaged in unique and eye catching ways. The dark rich color and consistency of the compost and potting is highlighted in an oversized coffee bag with a window. Unlike most plastic bagged compost products, consumers can easily see what they are getting. The loose compost tea is packed in an attractive and reusable tin. The clear lid on top allows consumers to again see the product and know when it’s time to buy more!

“BuffaLoam is a very unique compost. It has much greater bacterial populations than any of our other composts. Its nutrient values are also higher.”
-Donny Comer, Founder of the Grow Initiative

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