outlook_t13_bannerPocket Hose ULTRA is the all new and improved prototype of the original expanding Pocket Hose. It is now 3 times stronger than the original, and is built to last! Here are the new features:

Pocket Hose ULTRA is equipped with tight seal technology, guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time – no more leaks. The secret is the super strong material of the amber tip connectors that are 3 times more durable than the original!
Pocket Hose ULTRA is made with double layer construction just like a fire hose, with a scientifically developed elastomer hose on the inside. The elastomer hose expands with water pressure, while the new and improved outer lining protects it – no more rips or breakthroughs. And the new Solar Stripe Shield protects the Pocket Hose ULTRA from damaging UV rays and extends the life of the hose!
Pocket Hose Ultra is an expandable hose that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. No more heavy, or kinked hoses. Easy to manage, Pocket Hose ULTRA makes watering plants and outdoor cleaning quick and convenient. The compact, lightweight, accordion design is easy to store and carry, and is now 3 times stronger! As seen on TV, Pocket Hose ULTRA expands to a tangle-free, 50′ full-length hose. Fits standard spigots and nozzles. Durable polypropylene/plastic.
Super lightweight and easy to handle
Never kinks, twists or tangles like ordinary hoses!
Expandable accordion design up to 50′
Perfect for gardens, terraces, patios and more
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