Knowing the different benefits of each sprinkler type will help you help your customers choose the right sprinkler for their lawn.

Turret Sprinklers
Turret Sprinkler
Turret sprinklers are great for small or large yards. Nine different patterns, ranging from circle to half-circle to rectangle and more, allow you the flexibility to water only the area you need watered.
Impulse Sprinklers
Impulse Sprinkler With Circular, Stake, or Wheeled Base
The brass impulse sprinkler head has adjustable partial and full-circle patterns and waters an area of 70 ft. in diameter. Impulse sprinklers are designed to water closer to the ground, minimizing evaporation, and ensuring uniform watering.
Whirling Sprinklers
Whirling Sprinkler
Whirling sprinklers cover an area up to 38 ft. in diameter. Three spinning arms create a different look and feel than the typical sprinkler while providing thorough watering for your lawn.
Oscillating Sprinkler
Oscillating Sprinkler
Oscillating sprinklers are great for fast watering and covering medium to large areas. Oscillating sprinklers cover up to 3,000 sq. ft. and provide gentle watering in a rectangular pattern.
Spinning Sprinklers
Spinning Sprinkler
Spinning sprinklers create a very fine mist spray, requiring less water for thorough watering. Works with water pressure as low as 20 psi. Great for “well” systems! Covers a diameter of 38 ft.
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