Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in Portland, Maine in 1996 by Carlos and Jean Quijano. 

In 1999 the State of Maine passed its first medical cannabis laws, allowing patients to grow their own plants.

The combination of location, the focus on organically approved growing media, the changes in medicinal cannabis laws, and the drive of caregivers to grow the cleanest, purest medicine, lead Coast of Maine to start developing a biologically diverse, dense and organic growing media for medicinal marijuana in 2012.

One of the first things we did was to survey our garden center partners to find out if they would be bothered by Coast of Maine developing a soil marketed to medicinal marijuana growers. As we suspected, the majority of them endorsed the pursuit and were interested in carrying the soil once it was ready.

Many of them were already noticing the success of other cannabis growing soils being sold in Hydro stores around them. The progressive garden centers jumped on the opportunity to sell those products and bring in new customers.

The perfect mix.  Designed for growing cannabis.

To develop Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix we needed someone with a deep science and engineering base of knowledge, who also understood organic growing practicing. That person came to Coast of Maine in 2013, in the form of Felicia Newman, a chemical engineer and passionate organic farmer… She may also be the smartest, hardest working person I’ve ever met.

Cannabis growing experience and knowledge is as deep in Maine as it is anywhere in the US. Felicia and I worked together to tap into that grower knowledge and experiment with their feedback.

Felicia developed a blend based on our research and her experience with organic growing practices. I took that blend, packaged in a plain white bag and began attending instate grower shows. As I met the growers, I would record their information and drive out to their grow the following week.

We would sit and talk about Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix and how we expected it to be used and what we thought the results might be. 

These exchanges were always thoughtful and many times very opinionated. What I learned along the way, is that medicinal marijuana caregivers/growers are extremely passionate and knowledgeable.

The feedback that Felicia and I received helped us to modify Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix and tweak the recipe.

Once we were comfortable that we could deliver the highest quality, most complex soil, on a consistent basis, we put a label on that white bag and started selling it to small hydro stores in the state of Maine.

Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix

The response and the accolades were almost immediate, as growers went back to the stores to tell their success stories and buy more Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix.

The success they were having was based on practical, meticulous composting techniques to develop the base soil.

Coast of Maine has been doing this since 1996. Personally, I believe we create the best growing media on the market using these time-tested techniques and newer technology.

With Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix we knew that a basic compost would not be able to nourish a cannabis plant from seedling to harvest without a lot of help from some biologically diverse, natural amendments.

Calculate how much is needed for your customer’s job with the Coast of Maine Soil/Mulch Calculator

Like running a garden center, we also wanted to make sure the amendments worked together, created more diversity, and knew the job they were selected to do.

We added Mychorrhizae to help create a mutually beneficial relationship between the root fungus. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots in a symbiotic manner and extend far into the soil. The communication helps the plant find food in the soil just like a late night GrubHub purchase.

Kelp Meal brings the benefits of the ocean with over 60 micronutrients for a diverse and healthy plant pallet. Like a child, your plant can’t eat pizza every night.

Alfalfa acts as the late-night party guest who renews the energy in the party. It feeds and activates the soils biology while adding nitrogen.

Fishbone meal is an incredible source of phosphorous. It is particularly important during the plants budding or flower phase when the plant consumes energy like a teenager going through puberty.

Worm castings are water-soluble, allowing plants to quickly and easily absorb essential nutrients and trace minerals.

Our lobster enriched compost contains calcium and a polymer that enhances healing. For years, the army has used this polymer in bandages to promote healing. When the plants are battling an invasion of pests, they are stronger and have a greater ability to cope.

Rounding out the magic of Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix, is the structure of the soil itself. At Coast of Maine, we combine compost, peat, perlite, and coir in just the right balance to allow proper drainage and support for the plant.

This complete, well balanced blend knows how to take care of a cannabis plant and the results are amazing.

Unlike other companies that focus on growing media and fertilizers for growing medicinal marijuana we do not have a huge selection of amendments and plant foods.

Enough for a full grow cycle. Just add water

We know planting in a 15-gallon container will set the table for the cannabis plant to pick what it needs in a nutritional moment and grow naturally into a strong, healthy, well-adjusted mature adult that will ultimately make those who grow the plant feel better.

If only we could all raise our children that way.

If you haven’t tried our Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix, please let us know. Just like the old days we’ll try to drop some off to your garden center, garage or basement.

Once the local growers know you carry Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix, you’ll have a new, high-margin customer for life.

Reach out to your local Arett representative for more information, and remember that Coast of Maine has always supported and promoted local retailers, just like you.