Arett Sales, the leading wholesale distributor of lawn, garden, and outdoor living products, is proud to announce the 2023 Pottery Showcase, a must-attend event for anyone interested in pottery. This annual event is held in the Moorestown, NJ showroom and showcases over 100 pallets of assorted pottery from various countries and brands. 

From June 19th to July 24th, customers can experience a wide variety of new pottery designs, textures, colors, and glazes from some of the top pottery brands in the world, including Deroma, Harbor Gardens, Pacific Home & Garden, Southern Patio, Sunshine Ceramica, Jackson Pottery, TDI Brands, and Xierun. The pottery comes from all around the world, including countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and of course the USA. 

What sets this event apart is not only the exclusive products that can’t be found anywhere else but also the incredible deals that customers won’t want to miss. Arett Sales has made many adjustments and improvements throughout the years to create an easier shopping experience for customers, including creating an easy-to-access QR code to help customers schedule their appointment with ease. 

Customers can shop the showcase in-person or online through scheduling an appointment. In addition, Arett has introduced Power Alley, which allows customers to shop for special deals on brands like Bloem, Novelty, DMC, Japi, and more. Moreover, Arett provides professional presentations to take the guesswork out of ordering, ensuring customers get exactly what they need. 

For those who cannot visit the showroom, Arett has created a 360° Virtual Tour, which allows customers to shop the showroom as if they were there. This provides a unique opportunity to see the products up close and make informed purchasing decisions. 

The Arett Sales 2023 Pottery Showcase promises to be an unforgettable event for pottery enthusiasts. This is an opportunity to explore a vast selection of pottery and discover something new. If you haven’t attended the Pottery Showroom before, or if you haven’t scheduled an appointment yet, this is your chance! Visit to schedule your appointment today and don’t miss out on this incredible event!