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Introducing New Vendors for Open House 2023


Introducing Joybees, the go-to brand for everyday slip-on comfort footwear. They are dedicated to providing you and your little ones with footwear that combines soft EVA materials with a honeycomb pillow insole design, ensuring ultimate comfort for your adventures.

Their mission is to create footwear that excels in three key areas: super comfy, good quality, and stylish, all while maintaining an affordable price point. 

We are thrilled to announce that Joybees is now part of the Arett family as a new vendor for our 2023 Open House. Arett shares our commitment to delivering outstanding products and experiences to our community, and we are excited to join forces to bring you even more options for comfortable and affordable footwear.

To learn more, visit their website today!

Red Toolbox

Welcome to Red Toolbox, where work and play come together to create a stronger bond between parents and children through challenging, educational, and incredibly fun activities. They proudly present a collection of renowned brands under their roof: STANLEY Jr, Black+Decker Junior, Tasty Junior, Oklahoma Joe’s Jr, and Char-Broil Jr.

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Red Toolbox has joined the Arett family as a new vendor for our 2023 Open House. Arett and Red Toolbox, both deeply appreciate the significance of shared experiences and the profound, lasting memories that are forged when families unite. Red Toolbox’s brands exemplify excellence in quality, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to equipping children with tools and toys that foster imagination, ignite creativity, and promote hands-on learning.

To learn more, visit their website today!

A Cheerful Giver

Welcome to A Cheerful Giver, the proud manufacturer of seasonal candles made in the USA. Their journey began in 1991 as a small family business, and since then, A Cheerful Giver has been synonymous with innovation, unparalleled quality, and unwavering dedication to retailers. Tony & Susan Gross, the passionate owners, infuse the company with their commitment to product excellence and a vision to provide innovative marketing programs for retail success.

Driven by their strong faith, the Gross family aims to bring innovative products and customized programs to our valued customers, strengthening partnerships with retailers and empowering them to thrive. We’re excited to share the news that A Cheerful Giver is now part of the Arett family, joining as a new vendor for our 2023 Open House.

To learn more, visit their website today!


Introducing Tusco Products™, the foremost manufacturer of rotation molded planters in the lawn and garden industry. Their commitment lies in providing customers with lightweight yet incredibly durable planters that come with a 10-year warranty, all proudly made in the USA.

Rest assured, their planters are built to last, being UV-protected, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold. As part of our commitment to sustainability, all our products are 100% recyclable.

We are delighted to announce that Tusco is now part of the Arett family, joining as a new vendor for our 2023 Open House. Experience the excellence of Tusco Products™ and elevate your gardening and landscaping projects with style and durability.

To learn more, visit their website today!


Welcome to Spinfinity Designs, your one-stop destination for stainless steel wind spinners and wind spinner accessories. As a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer, they offer a diverse range of products, including vibrant mandalas, captivating animations, mesmerizing 3D designs, and elegant crystal creations.

Joining forces with the Arett family, we are thrilled to have them be part of the 2023 Open House as a new vendor. Discover the enchanting world of Spinfinity Designs and add a touch of artistry and motion to your outdoor spaces with their exquisite wind spinners.

To learn more, visit their website today!

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