Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn” Plan: Feed Your Lawn…AND YOUR SOIL!

To achieve a great lawn, you must not only feed the lawn, but FEED THE SOIL, too. Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” feeds the soil and “supercharges” any lawn fertilizer/program and makes them work better! In fact, you might say, that the “New American Lawn Plan” is as easy to remember as “U-S-A”: 

  1. Use genetically superior BLACK BEAUTY grass seed! 
  2. Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with LOVE YOUR SOIL
  3. Adjust soil pH levels with Mag-i-Cal
Use genetically superior “Black Beauty” Grass Seed. A grass is only as good as the seed it’s grown from. Black Beauty roots up to 4’ deep, has a dark green color, and possesses a waxy coating on the leaf for great heat and drought tolerance. Black Beauty provides a lawn that the homeowner will never forget!
Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil. Healthy soil is fundamental to healthy lawns. Love Your Soil FEEDS soil microbes with organic humates, amino acids, and sugars to energize breakdown functions. 

Adjust your soil pH with Mag-i-Cal. Soil pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Grass grows best in a pH range of 6.2 to 7. If your pH is imbalanced, then you can be wasting up to 75% of your lawn fertilizer! Mag-i-Cal balances soil pH levels with a highly soluble form of calcium that is instantly available to the plant.

So start treating the underlying causes – and NOT symptoms – of poor turf. SUPERCHARGE your fertilizers with Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” today!

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