Encap®: Innovative Lawn and Garden Solutions

outlook_e43e_bannerEncap® develops innovative lawn and garden solutions for homeowners and gardeners across the United States and Canada. From lawn care products to soil amendments, and even flower kits, Encap®’s products are formulated to maximize results by engaging the soil, naturally improving soil structure and creating a better environment for seeds and roots to flourish.

Lawn Repair Made Easy
Encap® offers a complete line of lawn repair products designed to maximize your results. Whether you’re looking to repair bare spots, overseed a thin or damaged lawn, or start from scratch with a new lawn, Encap® carries the perfect product to help you create a beautiful lawn.
Combination products such as Encap®’s Grass Repair Kit®, Lawn Makeover™, and New Lawn Kit® contain everything you need to repair or establish your lawn. With seed, fertilizer, and mulch all in one product, there’s no need to buy and apply these products separately, cutting your workload and cost substantially – one application and done!
Encap®’s Dog Spot Repair Kit® is one lawn repair product that makes life a little easier for dog owners everywhere. It is an ideal blend of seed, soil conditioners, and mulch, formulated to neutralize burned spots caused by pets. This product goes to work immediately to improve the soil and begin the repair process.
Replenishing Soil
In addition to their line of lawn repair products, Encap® also offers a full line of easy to use soil amendments. Encap®’s Fast Acting™ Lime, for example, is the answer to acidic soils. It begins to correct acid levels immediately after application, unlocking valuable nutrients held within the soil. Enhanced nutrient uptake makes fertilizers more effective, and improves the overall soil environment. Encap®’s Fast Acting™ Lime is simple to use – virtually dust free, and can be applied year round with any spreader.
If it’s a quick ‘green up’ you’re looking for, Encap® offers Fast Acting™ Iron, a product that has changed the way lawn enthusiasts think about iron. Gone are the days of accidentally burning your lawn, or staining your sidewalk. This long-lasting soil amendment is a precise blend of iron and other valuable nutrients, designed to work with the soil, building a more lush, green lawn, without the excessive growth associated with most high-nitrogen fertilizers.
If you’re simply looking to spruce up your lawn or garden, Encap® also offers several wildflower kits, like the popular Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix. These easy to use kits are an all-in-one formula of flower seed, fertilizer, and starter mulch, formulated to grow beautiful flower gardens that attract nature’s pollinators. Just sprinkle, water, and grow!
Why Encap?
Encap® products contain their patented Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST®) and Seed Watering Technology™ (SWT®). AST® goes to work immediately to help hold valuable soil and nutrients in place and improve seed establishment and germination. SWT® takes the guesswork out of watering by telling you when it’s time to water – the patented SWT® granules sparkle when you have watered enough; when the sparkle disappears, you know it’s time to water again.
Whether you’re starting a new lawn, repairing an old one, or wanting a beautiful flower garden, Encap® products are not only environmentally friendly, but they also make seed establishment and gardening, fool-proof, helping you to maximize results, while minimizing effort. Plus, Encap® products are made from natural ingredients, so they are safe to apply around kids and pets.
Encap®…Real Innovation™.
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