Arett Sales “Not-Just” Pottery Showcase Grand Opening In Moorestown, NJ

Arett Sales’ exciting new “Not Just” Pottery Showcase will have a grand opening on June 11, in Moorestown, NJ. The Good Tidings Showroom is being transformed into a beautiful showcase featuring pottery, outdoor decor, furniture, birding, lighting, garden tools, and more.

Arett retailer customers are invited to come see what’s new in pottery and décor for 2019, enhance their store’s pottery selection, and select from fabulous designs, colors, and styles from select manufacturers, such as Burley Clay, Sun Pottery, Pacific Home & Garden, Deroma and Syndicate Sales.

The showcase also features furniture, decor, lighting, tools and many new items from a variety of manufacturers, such as Gardman, Terra Verde,  Terra Verde Home, Cole & Bright, The Nuttery, and more!

The showcase will feature exlusive deals and customers can enjoy the best pricing of the year by placing orders at the showcase. Additionally, customers who submit orders at the showcase for the online Arett Summer Marketplace will receive the “A-level” discount on all programs.

Book your appointment for one of our  VIP Barbecue Days!

On Tuesday, July 17th, Wednesday, July 18th, and Thursday, July 19th, you can have lunch with your peers and meet manufacturer experts during our FREE Barbecue Days, as you take advantage of all the great deals the showcase has to offer!

The showcase will be open for 7 weeks, from June 11th to July 27th. Appointments are required.

The showcase is located at:
225 Executive Drive, Suite 6
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Book your appointment for the “Not Just” Pottery Showcase online today!

Don’t Miss These Showcase-Only Specials

  • Exclusive pottery deals
  • The best pricing of the year on all pottery & featured items
  • Earn an Extra 5% on all “Power Alley on Display” in the showcase
  • Every Summer Marketplace program gets the “A” discount when you order at the showcase.
  • 7 pottery & décor imported lines to inspire
  • Breakfast & lunch daily
  • All attendees are entered into raffles from these participating vendors:
    • Weber Grill
    • Greensmith Fall Advertising
    • World Source Partners
    • Terra Verde
    • Pacific Home & Garden Pottery
    • Deroma
    • Burley Clay
    • Syndicate Sales
    • The Sun Pottery

Brands To Be Featured At The Showcase Include:

  • Burley Clay
  • Cole & Bright
  • Deroma
  • Gardman
  • Harbor Gardens
  • Pacific Home & Garden Pottery
  • Syndicate Sales
  • The Nuttery
  • The Sun Pottery
  • Terra Verde
  • Terra Verde Home
  • World Source Partners

Save Big With Arett’s Summer Marketplace ONLINE Event

The Arett Sales Summer Marketplace Online Event goes live on June 11th at and runs through July 27th. Learn more at

The Summer Marketplace is an easy way for customers to purchase items at great prices for the coming season from the comfort of their office or home at any time day or night via or your Arett Salesperson!

Save on wild bird, fall and winter, imported outdoor décor and pottery, summer insect controls, weeds controls, and amazing Power Alley Deals! The Arett Sales Summer Marketplace programs will feature terrific deals with savings ranging from 11% to 68%!

In addition to great prices and a great selection, the Summer Marketplace programs provide timely delivery on the items you need. Delivery on these items will occur from 8/20/18 through 9/28/18, whereas “At Once” orders placed at the Arett Open House will not be available for delivery until after 10/22/18.

The Arett Summer Marketplace active period of June 11 thru July 27 is in the midst of Arett’s migration to our new computer system. To make it easier for customers to place orders through this transition, orders for the Summer Marketplace can be submitted in a number of different ways:

  1. Place Program orders using your log-in to Arett Direct from June 11 – June 29 at 4 PM, and then on from July 4 – July 27. Visit for the latest up-to-date ordering instructions.
  2. Place Program orders in person at the Arett Sales “Not Just” Pottery Showcase.
  3. Place Program orders with your Arett Salesperson from June 11 – July 27.
  4. Place Program orders with our Customer Service Staff by calling 800-257-8220, Monday – Friday from  8 AM – 5 PM.

Top 10 Enhancements You’ll See With Arett’s New Computer System

Arett is excited to launch our brand new computer system over the July 4th Holiday. This new system will impact the way you do business with Arett Sales by streamlining and improving current ordering and inventory systems, as well as adding helpful and efficient new functionality. Our new modern website will make your connection to Arett Sales’ products and services easier to use and more responsive to your needs!

Arett Sales will be closed on July 4, but customers can still place orders July 2 and July 3 through their Arett Salesperson or by calling our Customer Service Staff at 800-257-8220, from  8 AM – 5 PM. After the transition to the new computer system is complete, our existing ordering portal, Arett Direct, will be seamlessly transitioned to our new, streamlined ordering system, which will also be accessible on

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more details on how these changes effect you. In the meantime, here are some of the top 10 enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Search: The search bar in the new Portal is made up of a series of algorithms that analyze what it is you are looking for and presents items that are most relevant to your search. The search takes into consideration the UPC, item number, marketing copy, synonyms, manufacturer name, keywords and more. Once presented with a product listing either, you can choose to narrow your search by selecting product attributes.
  1. Real Time Inventory & Inventory Allocation: Inventory levels are now shown in “real time” and order quantities are allocated to your account as soon as you submit your order.
    1. Quick Access to Item History: If you have previously purchased an item, a “H” icon will appear next to the item, indicating that it is part of your account history. If you click the H icon, you will be presented with a 2 year purchase history by month. Customers also have the ability to quickly search their history by Manufacturer, item, or category/sub category. Export that report to excel/PDF or send the report via e-mail.
  1. Supply List: You can create multiple unique product lists of items that can be saved and easily referenced for placing orders quickly.
  1. Enhanced “Shop By Program”: There are now many ways to find the marketing program for you. You can search by program code, program description, and category or item number. When on the program page, you will be informed of how close you are to a better deal, if one exists.
  1. Quick Order Entry: enter orders in bulk by uploading excel order template or use a scan gun to build an order while walking the store.
  1. Enhanced Order Tracking
    1. Minutes after an order leaves the Arett warehouse, the order detail and Arett tracking number will be available online. The order detail can be downloaded to Excel or PDF.
    2. Quickly find previous orders by searching by Order Type, Date Range, Order Number, Item Number or Program number.
    3. Ability to re-order against any previous order. Select the “re-order” button and have those items immediately added to your shopping cart.
  1. Enhanced Account Balance Access
    1. View/print customer information, account summary, and invoices.
    2. Search invoice by invoice number or PO #.
    3. Select an Invoice # to see detail
  1. View Payment History: View payment history. Search by date, check number of invoice number. Select Invoice/Credit # to see details.
  1. View/Order from History: Quickly view or order from your previous order history by searching for manufacturer number, item number, UPC, item name and more. Example: Search “Bird” to be presented with all items Bird related. You can you narrow your results by Category or Manufacturer. Select the “H” icon to view your order history on that item.


World Source Partners Brands Featured At Arett “Not Just” Pottery Showcase

World Source Partners will be displaying five brands of product at the Arett Sales “Not Just” Pottery Showcase.

Sun Pottery, imported from Vietnam, offers a wide range of beautiful ceramic pottery styles and colors. The 18 count bird bath pallet in 3 colors (ivory, light blue, and light green) can drive volume in your garden center this season. Multiple pottery pallet options can offer your customers the look they desire.

Gardman will be showing its entire assortment of products including a wide range of beautiful hanging baskets and décor collections. This year, Gardman will be featuring three new laurel leaf trellis/screens with your choice of white flowers, blue flowers or no flowers.

Cole & Bright has 5 new lights to add to their dazzling array of lighting for your yard. New 18-pack displays will be available in three multi pack assortments. These lights will add functional beauty to any outdoor areas.

Harbor Gardens is the newest brand launched just last year and it encompasses a wide range of outdoor décor including 10 new items this year to extend an already extensive lineup of products that will make any patio and garden look great.

The Nuttery remains a strong performer in the wild bird care segment, specializing in squirrel-resistant feeders, now in single case packs for better inventory management.

For more information, visit

Super Plant Food

Super Plant Food is a 100% ORMI certified organic all-purpose fertilizer that is a fish hydrosolyte, which is made from the protein parts of the Cod fish.

Super Plant Food Benefits

  • Nutrients are immediately available to the plants.
  • 4 oz. package covers 10,000 square feet.
  • High in amino acid, 80-83%.
  • Easy to use. You can use garden end hose sprayer, water bottler sprayer, water can, or even a fine mist sprayer.
  • 100% water soluble.
  • Will see results immediately.
  • Doesn’t burn the plants.
  • Good for all plants, vegetables, and trees.
  • OMRI certified organic.
  • Cost effective organic solution.

Retailer Benefits

  • Small footprint – a lot of value per square foot of space.
  • NOT sold in “Big Box” stores, so you won’t get price shopped!
  • NOT sold on the internet, even Amazon, so you won’t get price shopped!
  • Supplying your customers with a cost-effective organic product that is even more affordable than conventional products.
  • Your customer will have to come back to you to buy Super Plant Food.

Consumer Benefits

  • Cost-effective organic product.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can’t do it wrong, can’t apply to little or too much.
  • Great all-around organic fertilizer.
  • Will see results quickly.


There are 13 packages per display box and one display box per master carton. The display box has push tabs and perforated edges to easily remove the top of the box. No knives required.  The dimensions of the display box are 9.25″ high x 5.5″ wide x 16″ deep.

Order Now Using Program Number: O99E1