Customers may ask you, “Do I really need to use a landscape fabric?” You may have even asked yourself at some point.

Due to a previous bad experience, or seeing a negative post on social media, some customers may feel that using any landscape or garden fabric is a bad idea. But not all landscape fabric is created equal.

The truth is like many products – in most cases they get what they pay for. If they are going to spend several thousand dollars on a new landscape and/or hardscape installation, is saving a few dollars on the landscape fabric by purchasing the cheapest option a wise decision? The landscaping fabric will be among the least expensive items in most landscape installs. Going with a better grade fabric will likely actually save them money in the long run with less callback, and in the worst-case scenario, a re-work of the job.

Using a quality landscaping fabric also provides other key benefits to a healthy landscape besides just weed control:

  • Conserving water – using a high-quality landscape fabric will slow down evaporation in the soil.
  • Good for earthworms and microbes – helps retain moisture in the soil by slowing evaporation. This makes a healthier environment for worms and beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • Extend the life of mulch – provides a barrier between the mulch and native soil, slowing the decomposition of mulch. This saves the customer money by reducing how often the mulch has to be re-applied, and reducing the amount to be used.

DeWitt Company carries a fabric for any project, but we pride ourselves on our high quality, commercial duty products. The DeWitt Pro5 is the heaviest weight landscape fabric on the market, and is our most recognized brand. DeWitt Weed Barrier Pro is the highest quality pointbond fabric on the market. It is available in bulk 300’ rolls for contractors, and also 50’ and 100’ rolls for the retail customer. TYPAR is “Tough on Weeds, Healthy for your Landscape”. TYPAR is the strongest fabric available in the market, and is a great choice for any hardscape application.

When it comes to fabrics, DeWitt has “Fabrics for Every Reason and a Product for Every Season”.

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