Is your customer’s pond as loved as it should be? With the full range of Ecological Laboratories MICROBE-LIFT products for ponds and water features, your customers can keep their water clean and clear of harmful algae and keep their fish healthy, all while protecting the environment!

MICROBE-LIFT products clean the environment, getting rid of pollutants in an all-natural way by breaking them down to their basic elements and returning them to the biosphere. This unique product is made up of a special formula of beneficial bacteria, which, when introduced to a polluted area, immediately begins to reproduce and to degrade the compounds in the water or soil that cause pollution and damage to the environment. MICROBE-LIFT products are also biodegradable and non-toxic, they are safe to use around humans, pets and wildlife.


Algae control is still the big focus in the Pond Market. Still the #1 product in beneficial bacteria asked for by name, MICROBE-LIFT/PL has been cleaning up ponds and keeping them healthy for over 40 years. Instead of treating symptoms like other products do, MICROBE-LIFT/PL gets to the root of the problem by removing organic waste and balancing nutrients.

Don’t forget to use MICROBE-LIFT/PL for a picture-perfect pond for your prized Koi and other finned friends. For ponds containing rock-lined bottoms, or bog filters, use MICROBE-LIFT/PL and MICROBE-LIFT/SLUDGE AWAY together. Sludge Away enhances PL in the pond by increasing the oxygen levels and speeding up the organic removal rate. This means a more efficient bog filter, more attractive bog garden, and cleaner rock lined pond bottom. 

Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Products

For additional nutrient control, use MICROBE-LIFT Barley Straw Products – an environmentally responsible, cost-efficient pond conditioner.  A mess-free, natural, and organic approach to a healthy pond environment.

Microbe-Lift Legacy Koi & Goldfish Foods

Do you want to feed your fish and not your algae problem? When it comes to Koi and Goldfish, MICROBE-LIFT LEGACY has done all the right research to bring the necessary nutrients in the correct proportions to your hungry fish. The #1 ingredient is fish meal for high protein content, followed by wholesome fiber, vitamins, and minerals. MICROBE-LIFT LEGACY has gone one step further – adding probiotics to increase uptake of nutrients into the fish’s system and reducing the amount of nutrients that return to the pond as unused fish waste. MICROBE-LIFT LEGACY assures 100% ingestion because the food does not dissolve in water.

To assure your omnivorous Koi gets a varied and nutritiously sounds diet, MICROBE-LIFT provides a foolproof 7-Day Nutritional Feeding System. Uniquely tailored to take the guesswork out of feeding and fish health, MICROBE-LIFT has made sure your fish have a varied but nutritious diet at all times.  The 7-Day system includes all the necessary nutrients and specialty microbes for competition-worthy fish with a healthy intestine, perfect skin, color, and active swimming behavior! Probiotics assure health and long life. 

You can’t go wrong with the full range of MICROBE-LIFT products for your customers’ pond and other at-home water features. These products are engineered to work together for the healthiest water and fish around. Visit for more tips and tricks on how to best care for ponds and water features.

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