Introducing XFlex  

From the innovation experts at Swan comes the new XFlex™, a truly revolutionary garden hose that combines all the most sought-after features in garden hose functionality – from lightweight and long-lasting to kink-resistant –for the landscaper and active home gardener. 

Swan spent two years developing the technologies behind XFlex – the most kink-resistant garden hose on the market today. Swan was driven by consumer demand for a lightweight, compact hose – similar to expandable fabric hoses yet much more durable and long-lasting. 

Swan XFlex

XFlex Continuous Flow 

One of these technologies is Swan’s new XFlex™ Continuous Flow™ Filament, a flexible, plastic, X-shaped filament that runs through the center of the hose. The “X” shape of the filament, with its four open V-shaped areas, allows for a continuous flow of water throughout the hose to prevent kinks. The technology is so powerful that even if you fold the XFlex™ garden hose over itself multiple times, the open pathways provided by the filament allow the water to keep running, pushing through even the most severe kinks! This is a groundbreaking advancement in garden hose design that makes the XFlex™ stand apart from any garden hose ever made. 

Continuous Flow Technology

50% Lighter Than Standard PVC Hoses 

Another new technology can be found in the composition of the XFlex™ garden hose, which features a proprietary Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) formula. This TPE formula makes the XFlex™ weight less than four pounds, which is 50 percent lighter than your standard PVC garden hose! Now, your customers have the ability to maneuver a garden hose around their watering area with much greater ease. The XFlex™ also remains extremely flexible, even at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ultra Compact 

Additional features of the XFlex™ include how exceptionally compact it is: Once the water is off, the XFlex™ garden hose goes flat, allowing you to easily coil it into an oval shape for a variety of storage options. Once the water is turned back on, the XFlex™ garden hose fully enlarges for optimum use. 

Super Compact

SpinMALE™ Coupling Technology  

The couplings on the XFlex™ garden hose are also first-rate. In addition to ergonomic grips for easy and tight attachments to the water source and accessories, the male coupling features Swan’s SpinMALE™ technology, which allows it to rotate 360 degrees like the female coupling. Now your customers can simply attach a nozzle or sprinkler to their hose with just a spin of the male coupling, without having to twist on the accessories or turn the hose. With both male and female couplings now able to spin, the XFlex™ garden hose can remain motionless, avoiding the actions that can cause kinking. The grips plus the couplings are also crush-proof up to 1,500 PSI. 

With a powerful 400 PSI burst strength, the XFlex™ is also a heavy-duty garden hose, with Swan making it in a variety of lengths to handle any home watering need.  

SpinMALE™ Coupling Technology

A Winning Combination  

According to Swan, the combination of the XFlex™ Continuous Flow™ Filament with the proprietary TPE formula is essential to the success of the new XFlex™ hose. 

“We made ‘flat’ PVC hoses during the 1990s,” says Ben Williams, vice president of product development at Swan, “but the real advance came when we switched to more flexible, energetic materials for the hose and the development of the X-shaped filament, which prevents kinking. The key to the XFlex™ hose is combining these two technologies. 

The Best Hose Experience   

Swan is confident they have created in XFlex™ a hose that not only fulfills its mission to enrich lives by delivering water where it’s needed most but also thoroughly addresses all the pain points consumers have had with garden hoses in the past by giving them an all-inclusive and completely user-friendly product. 

Swan XFlex Packaging

“The excitement we have for the XFlex™ hose is really because it will give the consumer the very best hose experience they have ever had,” Williams says. “Traditional hoses frustrate people, and the latest generations of fabric hoses do as well because of their poor durability. XFlex™ offers the consumer everything but the kinks!”