Sun Gro Horticulture offers several IGC oriented retail brands, which are held to the high industry standards of its professional lines. Our leading brands – Black Gold®, Fafard®, and Sunshine® have very strong consumer awareness and loyalty.

New to our family is Proven Winners® – the #1 plant brand with an offering of premium soils and plant foods.

Each of our brands have distinct characteristics that set them apart; among them you will find a wide array of potting, planting, specialty mixes and garden amendments.

Our many brands cover every gardening need – from general gardening to container gardens, vegetables, and specialty plants – both indoor and out.  The enthusiast gardener, the hobbyist and the weekend gardener will all find products to suit their plants, projects and lifestyles.

Most of our potting and planting mixes contain RESiLIENCE® – a beneficial plant substance that may make plants stronger. 

Many of our products are OMRI Listed® for the environmentally-conscious gardener who likes to garden organically.

Black Gold® Potting Mixes, Specialty Mixes & Amendments

Our best-selling brand just gets stronger. Black Gold® potting mix and amendment quality is assured with its professional-grade ingredients. These products are positioned as high end – the best in the classification of good, better, and best. And now almost all Black Gold® products are OMRI Listed® for organic gardening (exceptions: Black Gold® All Purpose and Black Gold® Container Mix).

Black Gold® leads the industry with one of the strongest, most integrated consumer social media and support programs. We believe in educating our customers with a steady stream of helpful gardening ideas through expert-driven blogs and videos from top gardening personalities. We also provide FREE horticultural advice via our Black Gold® Ask a Garden Expert service.
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Fafard® – Potting Mixes & Amendments

For nearly 100 years Fafard® has been a lasting brand that means quality and Sun Gro® Horticulture offers all of the traditional Fafard® potting mixes and amendments. That means customers can expect the same consistent quality and superior gardening results that they have relied upon for decades.

The Fafard® retail line consists of a variety of premium peat-based potting soils and amendments, so gardeners are certain to find a product to fit their needs. And since 2011, Fafard® production facilities have been Veriflora® Certified, which means they comply with rigorous environmental, social, and product quality standards.
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Sunshine® – Potting Mixes and Peat Moss

Sell the most popular professional-grower brand on the market, Sunshine®! Gardeners choose Sunshine® because this prestigious brand offers a wide variety of professional-grade mixes and Canadian Sphagnum peat moss products for overall gardening success. The Sunshine® label includes many OMRI Listed® products for organic gardening as well as all-purpose blends for everyday gardening. Plants Love Sunshine®, and so will you!
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Sunshine® Mix #4 – Cultivation Mixes

Sunshine® Mix #4 products are professional, all-purpose growing mixes for all types of indoor or outdoor container crops. These specialty performance mixes are designed for controlled-environment crops that need increased drainage. They are ideal for growing plants in a wide variety of container sizes, from small cell packs to large pots and fabric containers. Sunshine® Mix #4 mixes are also ideal for cutting propagation.
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Proven Winners® – Potting Mix

Formulated to boost performance in Proven Winners® select garden plants, Proven Winners® All-Purpose Potting Soil is a mark of quality and gardening success. And now ordering just got easier! Busy garden centers can now choose Proven Winners® All-Purpose Potting Soil when purchasing Proven Winners® plant products. This potting soil contains the highest quality grower-grade ingredients for superior results.

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