As the summer sun beams down, gardens and lawns alike bask in the warmth of the season. For garden center retailers, it’s the perfect time to equip customers with the tools they need to nurture their lawns into lush, thriving spaces. Enter Turf Builder® SummerGuard® Lawn Food with Insect Control—a summer savior for lawns everywhere. 

So, your customers took care of their lawns in the spring—check! But the care doesn’t end there. Consistent lawn care is essential year-round, particularly during the summer months. The harsh elements of summer, such as scorching heat and parching drought, can leave lawns thin, brown, and vulnerable to insect invasions. Summer feeding is crucial to keeping lawns thick, green, and resilient against these stressors. 

Introducing Turf Builder® SummerGuard® Lawn Food with Insect Control. This dual-action formula, when paired with regular watering, fortifies and shields lawns against the challenges of summer. Deeply nourishing the turf, it encourages thicker, lusher growth even in hot weather. Moreover, it provides protection against a range of common lawn pests, including ants, armyworms, chinch bugs, crickets, fleas, grasshoppers, spiders, and ticks. Suitable for all grass types, SummerGuard® poses no risk of burning when applied as directed. Simply advise customers to apply the product to a dry lawn at the first sign of insect activity or damage, and watch their grass flourish over time. 

But the benefits of Turf Builder® SummerGuard® extend beyond insect control. For retailers seeking to provide comprehensive lawn care solutions, here are some additional tips for success: 

• Encourage regular feedings of Scotts® Turf Builder® to promote the growth of healthy, vibrant lawns that can withstand the rigors of summer. Packed with essential nutrients, Turf Builder® supports optimal lawn health, resilience, and vitality.  

• Advocate for mowing at a higher height to encourage deep root development and efficient water usage. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn helps recycle nutrients, enriching the soil and fostering healthier turf.  

• Educate customers on the importance of observing their lawn’s watering needs. As lawns begin to wilt, it’s a sign that watering is required. Encourage customers to rely on natural rainfall whenever possible to hydrate their lawns efficiently. 

With Turf Builder® SummerGuard® Lawn Food with Insect Control and these additional lawn care tips in their arsenal, garden center customers can transform their lawns into verdant summer retreats. As retailers, you play a vital role in empowering customers to achieve lawn care success and enjoy the beauty of their outdoor spaces to the fullest. 

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