Pacific Home and Garden has been at the forefront of pottery trends in the United States for almost twenty years, leading in both traditional and modern, cutting-edge styles. Through their partnership with factories in both China and Vietnam, they have delivered unparalleled workmanship and exquisite designs consistently in pottery, fountains, and garden accents. Because of this, Pacific Home and Garden has garnered a reputation synonymous with high-quality products. 

With a foot firmly rooted in the past, and an eye on the future, PHG has followed both the trends of the industry and kept true to the pottery traditions to create new and exciting products.  With new styles and colors added every single year, customers are guaranteed to find something they will truly love about each of their lines.   

  • LeBeau is the signature line of Pacific Home & Garden and is known for its full array of vibrant colors in high fire glazes. This line is a modern creation of French colonial heritage that is engrained in every step of product development.  
  • Chelsea Gardener was inspired by a visit to the Chelsea Flower show in London. This line is a modern interpretation of English Gardens. Decorative motifs and shapes are transformed by artists’ hand creations into fun and colorful containers and accents.
  • Verandah is known as simple, urban, and affordable. This brand has gained solid traction throughout the east coast. It captures the low-end volume business with tremendous growth potential. Classic shapes in a variety of textures are featured in the line. 
  • Tuscan Sun is influenced by the beauty of Tuscany and French Country gardens.  Particularly a favorite for those that cherish a vintage finish from the old world. Hand-crafted shapes and color variances characterize every piece and convey a sense of uniqueness to each product. 
  • Metropolis offers contemporary planters made of lightweight materials for ease of handling without sacrificing design. Modern architectural elements make up the design aesthetic for this collection. Simplicity in shapes, natural finishes, and neutral colors are featured in this line. The main components of fiber clay products are natural clay, magnesium oxide, and glass fiber.

As the trend toward smaller houseplant pottery grew over the last few years, Pacific Home & Garden offered new indoor collections every year. Every indoor collection offers something different, which is sure to capture the attention of all types of customers. Over the last few years, these collections have become industry favorites: 

  • The Palm Spring collection is inspired by mid-century modern design and is a perfect pairing for lofts and small dwellings. This collection features simple shapes with subtle matte glazes. These pots come with attached and detached saucers as well as cache pots with drain plugs.  
  • The Avenue is a lightweight concrete collection that brings contemporary design to the house plant market. Clean and simple designs are highlighted by a smooth polished concrete finish. There are also textured pots in a rough concrete finish to add contrast to displays. These pieces make wonderful additions to a contemporary home or serve as great accent pieces in more modern spaces. 
  • Notting Hill is a line of terracotta pieces lightly covered with aged moss that has an authentic look of an old English village. The natural and organic look of these pots complements any home without taking up much space. Many of these sets are sold in large case quantities that allow dealers to make impactful displays at a great value.   

This season, Pacific Home & Garden is proudly presenting its new Jewel Studio collection.  This collection features hand-crafted pots in jewel tones that are sure to become a treasured favorite among garden centers. Check out their lines at the Arett Sales Pottery Showcast now through July 23, 2021.