Pacific Home and Garden’s new Foliage Collection comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Your customers will be able to use them inside or outside their home. Each planter comes with an attached saucer making it hassle and mess free.

Unlike typical indoor containers, limiting what you can plant, these have openings ranging from 8” to 14”, perfect for caladiums, hostas, and much more. Since the containers come nested, you can order a selection of planters to make a beautiful display anyone would love. Styles and colors are aimed at the fashion forward homeowner to bring in the perfect addition to their garden. The sizes of these sets make them perfect for small spaces. Whether placed on a table top or a small patio, customers don’t have to sacrifice space to enhance the beauty of their home or office.

The Foliage Collection offers beauty and practicality at an affordable price. Many times, customers have limited options when looking for saucers to help prevent spills on floors, patios, or deck spaces. People are accustomed to plastic liners that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as a ceramic saucer. However, with the Foliage Collection the matching saucer is attached and enhances not only the beauty of the pot but it’s functionality as well. With this feature, these pots can be used indoors for herb gardens as well as traditional house plants.

There are several different styles that are inspired by Pacific Home and Garden’s best-selling Verandah pots as well as new shapes and textures. Customers can choose from an array of modern, classic, and traditional features. There is an opportunity for several different target markets with this collection. For the customers that are already familiar with the Verandah brand they may be drawn to the smaller versions of the Lattice and Eggplant pots. This provides them with the design they love on a smaller scale to perhaps group with pots they already have. For the buyer that is interested in sustainable living, these pots make a great starter set for herb and vegetable gardening from seeds or small plants.

The collection can also serve as décor pieces in any environment, making them great holders for decorative spheres and other small accent pieces. The available colors of Lombardy and Vino planters are white, silver, and oxide, which are seen in many modern living spaces where tones are muted but design is the most desired feature.

For those needing a pop of color to add to the garden or indoor areas, there are several planters that make great accent pieces for spring and summer. Reds, greens, and blues are classic colors available that bring the wonder of spring inside any space. The Foliage Collection is a great addition to the PH Garden line of pottery offering functionality and practicality without sacrificing beauty.

Pacific Home and Garden is available through Arett Sales as a Drop Ship Program. To place an order, contact your Arett Sales Rep or call 800-257-8220 and mention vendor #P40.