The use of the Neem tree for its oil, bark, leaf, flower, and fruit in India extends for over 4,000 years. It has been used for skin and dental care, insect repellents, fertilizer, and more. Neem oil insecticides have been a staple on independent garden shelves for many years now and are widely known to the eco-conscious gardener. Arborjet has created the next generation of Neem by isolating out its most active compound, Azadirachtin, and concentrating it into a water soluble powder, AzaSol™.

Neem is a tree native to India, Azadirachta indica. Its active ingredient, Azadirachtin, is a proven natural anti-feedant, growth regulator, anti-ovipositor, and insect repellent. Neem products work by intervening at several stages of the insect’s life and are especially effective during the larval stages of development, effecting nearly 300 insect species. Commonly sold, Neem oil is created by pressing the seeds or an extraction method which can limit the amount of available active ingredient.

The AzaSol Difference:

AzaSol is developed using a patented process to derive Azadirachtin in its purest form from the best quality Neem seeds in India. The end result is a completely water soluble, exceptionally potent 6% Azadirachtin powder. OMRI Listed for organic use, AzaSol can be applied indoors or outdoors and food crops may be harvested the same day as treatment. AzaSol can be used on a variety of plants from fruit trees to delicate annuals for controlling aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, mealybugs, fungus gnats, caterpillars, beetles, and more.

The benefits of AzaSol’s unique water solubility help make it easy to use and increase efficacy. Translaminar and systemic, AzaSol can be absorbed through both the leaf tissue and roots, so the entire plant is protected, not just at point of contact. Once absorbed, the product can last longer in the plant versus degrading in the outside environment. With no oily residue on the leaves, AzaSol will not block stomata or burn. Additionally, AzaSol doesn’t need to be continually agitated, will not clog equipment, does not need to be a warmed up, and has no strong smell.

AzaSol Tips for Use:

It is important to let your customers know that AzaSol is not a quick knockdown insecticide. To help users see instant results, AzaSol can be mixed or applied before another insecticide such as Eco-Mite Plus®, a contact miticide/insecticide made from botanical extracts and oils. Eco-Mite Plus also contains a surfactant which helps spread AzaSol across the leaf surface.

AzaSol can be sprayed and/or drenched. For best results, recommend re-applications at 7 to 10 day intervals to protect new plant growth and control new generations of insects missed from the last spray. Timing applications during insect development will also help ensure more effective treatments. After spraying, users can pour remaining liquid at the base of plant because the mixed solution should be used within 48 hours. If drenching for systemic activity, recommend waiting until soil is a little dry and plants are slightly thirsty to ensure that the product is taken up immediately by the roots.

Customers can mix a low rate of 1/4 tsp. per quart for prevention and routine maintenance. Recommend the high rate of 1 tsp. per quart for existing infestations. AzaSol is available in multiple sizes. The new 0.25-ounce size comes with a 1/4 tsp. scoop and can make 7 – 28 quarts of solution. It is packed in a case of 6 and includes a tabletop POP display. For additional savings and product variety, AzaSol is also available in the Botanical Control Display.

About Arborjet, Inc:

Founded in 1999, Arborjet has developed the leading tree injection equipment and formulations to protect trees while supporting the landscape industry.

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