World Source Partners is proud to introduce the Harbor Gardens pottery assortment for 2021. This year we have expanded our portfolio to five countries: Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Mexico.

Malaysia offers a wide range of beautiful pottery in an assortment of colors with multiple designs within each pallet assortment.

Harbor Gardens Malaysia Collection

Vietnam provides glazed pots fired in gas kilns. These are far more environmentally friendly and ensure more even colors because the temperature is controllable. Vietnam offers lovely traditional designs that come in high, medium, and low sizes. All pots feature drainage holes in the base. As an added benefit, the tag on each pot includes soil capacity in cubic feet so the consumer knows exactly what they need to purchase. The pots are labeled “Frost-proof” and “Eco-Friendly.” Finally, no color splash shows inside the pots, making them more attractive to consumers.

Harbor Gardens Vietnam Collection

Thailand offers hand-thrown carved and painted pottery made from denser, finer clay and fired at high temperatures in wood fired kilns ensuring that these pots can withstand the harshest of winters. This pottery is perfect for cold weather regions.

China offers a full line of traditional pottery, but also has some bold new choices in style and color. Their large diameter pots are a great value for 2021.

Harbor Gardens China Collection

Mexico offers beauty, color, and design. They provide some of the largest urns you will see on the market in attractive colors and designs. There are three sizes of strawberry pots in natural Terra Cotta for that discriminating consumer, and a line of whimsical animal planters in different shapes and sizes.

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