Let’s ask a question here. Would you rather sell a product that is geared toward discount chains and box stores? Or would you rather sell a product that is directed at independent, locally owned garden stores? If the answer is yes, continue reading. We got some good stuff for you! If the answer is no, go grab a cup of coffee and hunker down anyway!

The Blue Crew at JR Peters is a group of passionate, plant-loving people striving to make the highest quality fertilizers for gardeners all over the country! Did you know we have been making water-soluble fertilizer in PA since 1947, with our long-time employees watching over each handcrafted batch of Jack’s Classic.

Now how does all of this relate to you? Well – we are here to help YOU and YOUR customer succeed. We listen to you. That’s right. We actually have real people here to listen and help you decide what’s right for your customers – from mixing tips and fertilizer selections, to point of purchase material and seasonal marketing ideas. We got it all in our bag of Jack’s. Need more reasons why BLUE should also be your favorite color?

  • We care about you and your plants.
  • We care about your customers’ plants and want them to be successful.
  • Let us be a part of your FUN events. Nothing is better than hosting an event at your IGC to attract new customers. Let us know. We can offer up ideas and giveaways!
  • You asked, we listened – introducing the NEW ClassiCote Shaker and 10 lb bags.
  • Merchandising Ideas, Point of Purchase materials, and seasonal formula spotlights.

We want you to lean on us for all your education tips and tools – caring and feeding for your plants, utilizing your harvest, gardening trends and more! Look for us, like us, follow us, and give us a shout @jrpetersinc on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest happenings from our Blue Crew! Thank you to our loyal customers for all your support in 2018. Wishing you, your families and staff a very Happy Holiday and prosperous 2019!

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