Arett Outlook March 2016

Home gardeners measure success through senses and emotions, happy when their plants are growing well and problem-free. They enjoy looking at gardens full of colorful blooms. They love cooking delicious meals of freshly picked vegetables. They feel great when a neighbor compliments them on their plants. The easier to grow, the more problem-free the plant, the more vivid the colors, the tastier the flavors, or the more aromatic the fragrance, the happier your customers will be. Jack’s Classic formulations are designed to make plants easier to grow, and simply grow better.

Loyal customers are the key to a successful garden retail business. The simplest way to ensure loyalty is to help them grow plants successfully. The folks at Jack’s have developed two new products to help your customers achieve great gardens. Jack’s Exact Mix Sprayer is made for applying Jack’s Classic to large areas, and the Jack’s Classic Tomato FeED enhanced with Calcium and Magnesium.

The Jack’s Exact Mix Sprayer was designed for plant and garden lovers and is made specifically for the application of Jack’s Classic Water Soluble fertilizers. You can use all of the Jack’s Classic Formulas in the sprayer except the Hydrangea Blue and Classicote with Crystal Green. Jack’s Classic Water Soluble fertilizers are completely soluble, which allows them to be applied accurately using the 3 EXACT settings on the sprayer. Full Strength is used for flower and vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, containers, and bedding plants at a 1 tablespoon per gallon rate of application (every 7-14 days). Half Strength is used for perennials and low feeding annuals, like new guinea impatiens at a 1/2 tablespoon per gallon rate. Quarter strength is for feeding plants everyday (Constant Feed).

Jack’s Exact Mix Sprayer is easy to use and comfortable to hold while you spray and feed. Fill the sprayer with 6 ounces or 12 tablespoons of Jack’s Classic, add water to the fill line (36 ounces), attach the sprayer to the bottle, and choose your setting.

Jack’s Classic Tomato FeED 12-15-30 is formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage, abundant flowering, and fruit set for all tomato varieties, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, and zucchini. Tomato FeED contains a micronutrient package and magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions. It also includes calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot. This new formulation can be used in place of Jack’s Classic All Purpose 20-20-20 and can be used in conjunction with Jack’s Blossom Booster. It is recommended to feed at the 1 tablespoon per gallon rate every 10-14 days.

JR Peters, INC is a custom toll manufacturer, designer, formulator and producer of fertilizer products for the horticulture, specialty agriculture, and retail markets. Started in 1947 by Bob Peters, his Horticultural Services Co. tested soil for greenhouse growers and made recommendations on how to produce the best crops. Today, under the leadership of Bob’s son, Jack Peters, JR PETERS, INC is advancing the tradition of Peter’s family quality products and services.

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