Jonathan Green is introducing a “New American Lawn” Rotary Spreader. Finally, the industry has a sleek, durable, rotary spreader with pneumatic tires that retails for the price of a rotary with plastic tires! It is not only affordable for consumers, but also yields great profit for retailers that are tired of making no margin in the spreader category! The “New American Lawn” Rotary Spreader is a perfect complement to the “New American Lawn: Lawn & Soil Fertilizer Program” that was successfully introduced last year!


The spreader features include:
  • An attractive hopper that holds a 15,000 sq. ft. bag of fertilizer.
  • Pneumatic tires for YEAR-ROUND USAGE, especially in winter when traditional plastic wheels don’t grip the snow/ice.
  • Packed in a ready-to-display box with three spreaders per case.
  • Fully-assembled.
  • SKU #J20 10937. MSRP is $54.99. Be sure to talk to your Jonathan Green or Arett salesman today for more information on this exciting new product!

Order Now Using Program Number: J20E1