From coast to coast distributors and dealers have congratulated Sun Gro on the packaging refresh of their premium, high-quality Black Gold potting mix line.

The dynamic new packaging features:

  • A stylized Black Gold logo incorporating the existing gold vignette
  • Bold, modern, attention-grabbing fonts
  • Dynamic photographic flower, vegetable and plant images that are easily identifiable and “pop” in contrast to the black background of the packaging
  • Large, color-coded label “shields” similar to the existing packaging to differentiate at the shelf
  • Strong feature “call outs” such as 6-month feed, all natural and the Sun Gro patented RESiLIENCE® logo

Sun Gro is quick to point out that although the packaging is new, it’s the same high-quality, professional ingredients on the inside that count; hence the launch theme Beauty on the Outside. Quality on the Inside™.

Black Gold® is Sun Gro’s top-selling retail line of premium potting mixes, specialty mixes and garden amendments. The widely successful brand is in great demand by gardening retailers and consumers across the U.S. The family of Black Gold products consistently yields great gardens, services almost every gardening need and comes in a variety of package sizes.

Black Gold mixes are positioned as a higher end and a better quality product than their competition; patented beneficial plant nutrient that results in more vigorous plants, delayed wilt, stronger roots and earlier flowering. RESiLIENCE provided meaningful differentiation and a competitive advantage when comparing one brand of potting mix to another – and only Sun Gro mixes have RESiLIENCE.

The new Black Gold packaging retail story is being supported with a new web site, digital and social media including: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, monthly e-newsletters and web articles, in-store point of sale materials, radio and TV sponsorship.

Sun Gro’s Black Gold®, Fafard®, and Sunshine® retail potting mixes, specialty mixes, and amendment products are available through Arett Sales, making them fast and easy to order.

And for 2017, Greg Kokaska, Sun Gro District Sales Manager, has worked with the Arett buyers to create these fabulous, money saving deals. The response from IGCs at the Arett Open House was positive and overwhelming. Greg is reminding all to take advantage of these hot offers. See your Arett sales rep to take advantage of these specials!

Here’s a recap:

Black Gold® and Fafard® Big Bag Mix & match Truckload Drop Ship Promo

  • 20% OFF Black Gold All Purpose Potting Mix, Natural & Organic Potting Mix and Moisture Supreme Container Mix – 16 qt, 1 cu. ft. and 2 cu. ft.
  • 10% OFF Black Gold 1 cu. ft. Garden Soil and 1 cu. ft. Black Gold Garden Compost
  • 20% OFF Fafard Ultra Container, Fafard Ultra Planting, Fafard Natural & Organic and Fafard Professional Potting Mix, 1 cu. ft. and 2 cu. ft.
  • 10% OFF Fafard Premium Top Soil and Fafard Natural & Organic Compost

Greg also noted that there are specials available out of the Arett Warehouse, including small package sizes for indoor sets “one case at a time.” In addition, there are extra discounts for the 1 cu. ft. and 2 cu. ft. bags of Black Gold and Fafard for dealers who cannot place a drop ship order. And for those dealers who cater to the hydro indoor growing segment, there is a special warehouse offering at pallet price of Sunshine® Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae, 3.0 cu. ft. – Sun Gro’s most popular grow mix for extreme performance.

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