Arett Outlook May 2016

Every gardener’s nightmare: an accidental brush with poison ivy while working in their garden or yard. This run-in with poison ivy can lead up to three weeks of misery causing people to avoid the enjoyment of gardening. Simply put, removing fear of the severely itchy, allergic skin reaction will keep people outdoors, and in need of garden center products.

Remove the fear with a product that works!

With Zanfel in hand, gardeners no longer have to fear a potential run-in with poison ivy. Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash is the only product clinically shown to remove the poison ivy plants’ oily toxin (called “urushiol”) from the skin, anytime after outbreak of the rash. Once the oil has been removed during a Zanfel washing, itching stops (in 30 seconds), and the skin is immediately able to begin the healing process. For most mild to moderate cases of poison ivy, within 24 hours 75 – 80% of the rash will be gone.

Zanfel is a specially formulated wash for allergic skin reactions to poison ivy, oak, or sumac. The most important step to eliminating the rash is to remove the poison ivy plants’ oil that has absorbed into the skin. Zanfel is a safe, soap-based product that has no known side effects.

Zanfel is a new way of treating poison ivy. Instead of using other over-the-counter products that only “shut off” the itching for an hour by treating the symptoms as the urushiol toxin remains on your skin, for many cases of poison ivy, Zanfel is a once and done treatment. For your customers, Zanfel is also an alternative to the time and expense of a clinic visit, co-pay, and prescription.

Sales and Profitability Opportunity!

Why does Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Wash present a profitable opportunity for you? Zanfel is sold in only a number of targeted retailers. There is a reason for that. Every summer the large drug chains never seem to purchase enough Zanfel inventory as there are always “holes” on the retail shelf where the Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash is supposed to be. The brand loyalty to Zanfel is immense and focused! So what does that faithful Zanfel user do when it’s not on the retail shelf? They go to another store looking for it! This is why there is a huge sales opportunity for the nursery, landscaping, and garden centers.

The poison ivy sufferer is already in your store making other purchases, sometimes before or worse, during a current poison ivy outbreak. This is the sales opportunity that has just been presented to you. When your customers are in your store making their purchases, just imagine how pleasantly surprised they will be knowing that you also provide a successful treatment for their poison ivy challenges – Zanfel!

Store merchandising of Zanfel is the key. First you have to let people know that you stock Zanfel. Zanfel proudly provides a number of sale enhancing marketing and point-of-purchase materials, to help move your Zanfel inventory through the cash register and out the door. An example is the simple yellow window banner, which appears to be hand-drawn. This simple banner has proven to be an incredible selling tool, literally bringing Zanfel users into the store where the window poster is placed. Zanfel also provides, in addition to window posters, other materials such as poison plant identification posters, consumer educational brochures on poison ivy prevention and treatment, Zanfel product information handouts, and shelf talkers. All of these items can be ordered and reordered from Zanfel in any quantity, free of charge.

Zanfel is available for immediate ordering as a case pack of twelve eaches, (Arett Sales Item # Z61 53787) or as an attractive 6-piece Zanfel Counter Unit for display purposes, (Arett Sales Item # Z61 73787). Zanfel is available through the Super Savings April/May 2016 Program.

Got Poison Ivy? Get Zanfel. It Works!

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