When preparing our yards for summer, most people forget our crawl spaces, and pay for it come winter. Avoiding this mistake is easy, thanks to a unique product.

With summer unofficially upon us, folks around the country are getting ready to make the most of the summer getaway in their backyards – staining their decks, dusting off their grills, and cranking up their lawnmowers. But as preparations for summer get underway, many will forget a crucial step: taking care of their crawl space. Whether you’re setting up your yard, doing some late spring cleaning, or even a complete remodel, ignoring your crawlspace can ruin more than just your summer.

Why You Need to Manage the Conditions of Your Crawl Space

The crawl space under your deck or home needs more than citronella to keep pests away, and the ones you’ll find there are far worse than mosquitoes; termites, ants, roaches, and spider crickets, among others, often call crawl spaces home. They’ll seek refuge in these dark, damp spaces during summer and fall. Once in your crawl space, they’re in prime position to use your air ducts, water pipes, and electrical wiring as a path into your house come winter.

When it comes to pest control, the best defense is to manage the conditions in your crawl space. The most important thing you can do to protect your home against these kinds of pests — especially house harming, wood-eating organisms like termites — is to control moisture. 

First Saturday Lime, a super strong desiccant derived from 100% natural products, can protect your home from insects, while remaining safe enough to use around your kids and pets. This unique formula is mined and manufactured in Oklahoma, USA, and works in several ways:

  • Combatting the moisture that attracts insects and creates mold growth
  • Drying out insects, eggs, and larvae already present
  • Fighting odors

In addition to controlling the moisture that attracts insects and encourages mold, First Saturday Lime dries out insects, eggs, and larvae that are already present. The First Saturday Lime prevention method is naturally effective, and a great alternative to the caustic chemicals you will need to use if an infestation occurs.

How to Use First Saturday Lime

You can use First Saturday Lime under homes, porches, decks, cellars, storm shelters, or crawl spaces to prevent insects from seeking refuge, combat excess moisture, and prevent mold, in just a few easy steps:

  1. Open your bag of First Saturday Lime.
  2. Sprinkle First Saturday Lime evenly over the exposed ground to approximately a 1/8” covering.
  3. If rain can’t reach the crawlspace, one application will last all year. In places where water can still reach (e.g from rain, or a leaky pipe), reapply once a month.

With First Saturday Lime, enjoy your backyard, deck, and grill all summer long – worry-free.

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