TWINE CBD was created for you – the specialty retailer – and your customers. Where better to buy a pure, all-natural plant product like CBD than their local Garden Center, Nursery, or Specialty Retailer?  

By The Numbers 

A recent Gallup Poll indicated 1 in 7 Americans are currently using CBD and it is projected that by 2022, 44% of Americans will use CBD products. That means close to half of the customers that walk into a retail store will be using some form of CBD.   

Hemp’s Medicinal Properties 

Today, more than ever, finding all-natural options for maintaining the delicate balance of our health is a priority. The headlines are full of statistics concerning where our medicines come from. What are we unknowingly putting into our bodies? 

Prior to modern science, Mother Nature provided many options for helping humans co-exist with nature and live healthfully. The hemp plant has been used as medicine for centuries and was listed as such in the 1851 U.S. Pharmacopoeia of the United States (USP).  

For nearly 100 years, hemp preparations from extracts and tinctures of dried hemp flowers were used to help soothe and calm both the physical body and the mind. The same remains true of our hemp-derived TWINE CBD.  

Third-Party Tested 

Organically grown from proprietary seeds on farms in Kentucky, TWINE’s all-natural products are simple, clean and effective at maintaining our body’s healthy balance. Third-party testing by independent labs assure the purity and potency of TWINE CBD and absence of THC, the intoxicating component of other cannabis plants. 

TWINE’s 100% natural CBD oils are a simple blend of 99% pure CBD isolate with organic MCT oil from coconuts and natural flavors. TWINE CBD creams contain the same pure form of CBD isolate combined with other botanicals for nourishing and healing qualities of the skin. All TWINE products are manufactured under the strict GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice) again, reassuring our commitment to the highest quality standards. Their mission is to provide the highest quality, safest, closet to nature CBD products they can.  


After nearly two years of research, collaborating with hemp farms and processors who have been part of the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program since 2014, TWINE CBD comes to you as… 

  • The highest quality USA Grown Hemp 
  • Processed under the strictest quality and safety standards 
  • Tested 9 times from seed to shelf and independently tested for purity, potency, and freedom from contaminants 
  • 100% THC free CBD isolate 

The Products 

The focus of TWINE CBD has always been the specialty retailer.  TWINE’s products contain the purest, cleanest form of CBD isolate available in best-selling oil and cream formulations. TWINE CBD Cream offers instant relief from sore, inflamed muscles. TWINE CBD Oils offer CBD in 150mg, 300mg, and 750mg strengths.  

Daily use helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response, Calm sore muscles, Boost restful sleep, and Diminish anxiety promoting overall physical and mental well-being. 

TWINE was created as an easy way to enter the CBD category and their aggressive sampling program helps ensure success. The assortments are the best way to get started and include: 

  • Cream samples and information cards to entice customers 
  • Cream Testers for the Display 
  • Top 2 selling categories in the CBD Market (Creams and Oils) 
  • Pharmaceutical grade, 100% THC FREE products 
  • Packaging and Display specifically for the Specialty Retail Market 
  • Sales Support and Education Information 

Bottom line – Mother Nature has always been there for us. Opting for all-natural options like TWINE CBD when addressing our health makes sense.